Tesla Model S - Available Years

Tesla Model S — Available Years

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2014 Tesla Model S P85 Sedan Exterior View photos

2015 Tesla Model S Sedan

Fuel economy:94 cty/97 hwy

What's New for 2015 Instead of typical yearly changes like other automakers, Tesla runs updates throughout the year, especially when it comes to software and electronics. The biggest non-software addition however, is the new P85D. Released late in the 2014 model year, the P85D (P stands for performance, D for dual-motor, all-wheel drive) replaced the standard P85. Also available is the 85D which also comes with all-wheel drive, but less power. Later in the 2015 model year, Tesla adjusted the Model S's lineup, adding an all-wheel-drive 70D to the mix and replacing the Model S 85 models with new "90" variants boasting slightly improved battery capacity.

MSRP from $69,900

2016 Tesla Model S 90D Sedan Exterior View photos

2016 Tesla Model S Sedan

Fuel economy:88 cty/90 hwy

MSRP from $70,000


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