Tall-Guy Fit Test x2 - 2010 Volkswagen GTI Long-Term Road Test

2010 Volkswagen GTI: Tall-Guy Fit Test x2

September 13, 2010


Last week The Riz went on about the supposed height of the German people and the general suitability of a 2010 VW GTI for tall people. But he left out one important bit: the actual opinion of a tall person. Oh, sure. James and I are both 6' 2", but that's not really tall.

In fact, when I sit in the GTI, I don't need to slam the seat all the way back and all the way down, as I usually do. In this car, that's way too low and way too far back. There's more here for taller folks.

A couple of genuinely tall people live near me. Mike (6'5") owns the house down the street. He drives an older BMW 7-series with a seat track modified for more rearward travel. Apparently there's a stopper bolt you can remove and reinstall in another hole further back, or something like that. I borrowed a pruning saw from him this weekend, and we got to talking about the VW Golf and our 2010 Volkswagen GTI long-term test vehicle.

"Go ahead. Sit in it. You'll be surprised," I said.

He did, and he was. Plenty of seat travel, plenty of downward seat movement in the adjustable-height seat. Telescopic wheel.

"I'm looking to downsize. I don't really need a backseat. This really fits. And they have that TDI diesel, too," said Mike.

"The 2-door body is the key," I pointed out. "That pillar sits farther back, and that gives you a lot of room to get in. Plus, the seatbelt lays better across your shoulder. And the pillar doesn't block your view to the side."

"All of that is a problem in my BMW," he agreed.

And then there's 6'6" Kellan (shown), a 15-year old who is about to pull his learner's permit. Car-wise, he and his mom don't really know where to start.


No problem. The GTI has plenty of head- and legroom. OK, a new 2010 model is probably a bit of a stretch for a first car, but the same tall-guy attributes apply to used examples of the last-generation Golf and its various variants.

One of these would definitely work for him.

Dan Edmunds, Director of Vehicle Testing @ 12,910 miles

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