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Consumers Review the Tesla Model X

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Not Ready for Prime Time
I ordered a Tesla X in June of 2105. It arrived in September of 2016. All of the amazing things it does well have been described by others. The electronics, sleek profile, lack of engine noise, acceleration, and easy to understand controls are all great. But its not ready for prime time by a long shot. The lack of engine noise is totally outweighed by a noisy, choppy, and rattle filled interior. The tires are incredibly noisy. The suspension is downright awful and cannot be adjusted even with the air suspension option. Only the ride HEIGHT can be controlled not the stiffness. I bought it for my wife to replace her midsize Mercedes SUV. So that was her baseline. Her very first reaction upon entering the X was where do things go. The cop holders are awkward to say the least, the storage is minimal, the second row seats do not fold flat, and there is NO PLACE to hang clothes or even lay them flat. A bright sun is bothersome as it shines through the huge windshield and the visors are amusingly toy-like. The rear view mirror is tiny and the rear window small. Unsafe in my book. The gull wing doors were fun for 15 minutes and then an inconvenient pain. The back seats are small and narrow and all the talk about legroom is just not true in the real world. In short, it is not a workaday vehicle. Update at 9000 miles. The vehicle has not gotten better with time. It’s ride is still harsh and the rattles are worse. I learned after one Midwest winter that an electric vehicle range is dramatically affected by temperatures below 40F. The range is reduced by at least 40% as are the regenerative brakes. The heater cannot keep up with the cold. The gull wing doors are especially annoying in rain or snow. I’ve had flat tires and learned they are a bit rare and quite expensive to replace. The local Tesla service center is good.
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