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Good choice, only complaint was cost

Thomas Mommy, 10/16/2010
LE 8-Passenger Fwd 4dr Minivan (3.3L 6cyl 5A)
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I love this van. I drove 2 dr sport cars before motherhood. I love cars, and this fits me as a woman who loves cars. As good as it gets, always comfortable driving long distance with no breakdown fears. I have drove nine days alone in Toyota models over the years with NO FEAR. I had power door replaced under warranty. Only real problem with 2005 model. I have learned to have general suggested belts, brakes, and other repairs done by local mechanic verse dealership to save on cost. Recently had the two belts for alternator and AC replaced due to loud squealing noise for two months. I believe this only happened because I moved into Mountain regions and ran the AC hard in the mountains.

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Sienna Ruler of Minivans

Danielle Eastmond, 12/12/2015
XLE Limited 7-Passenger AWD 4dr Minivan (3.3L 6cyl 5A)
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We love our Sienna! After many multi-state road trips, endless street driving, and forays back and forth between the California desert and coast, our Sienna is still going strong! We are a family with five children, so believe me when I say, you cannot find a better family car than a Sienna. Forget about people trying to make a minivan seem "uncool." I have many friends with SUV'S, and none of their cars comes close as far as comfort, value and reliability goes. Our Sienna, (aptly named "Endurance"), is the best car I've ever had!

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Good Van / Avoid Crooked Dealerships

j_ly, 05/30/2012
LE 8-Passenger Fwd 4dr Minivan (3.3L 6cyl 5A)
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I bought my 2005 Sienna used from a private party in 2007 with 40,000 miles and I have over 130,000 miles on it today. I put new Michelin tires from Sams Club on at 90,000 miles (rotate every 10K) and they still have over half of their tread life. I changed spark plugs and plug wires as well as the timing belt at 110,000 miles. That's it! I received a recall notice for the spare tire holder so had to bring to dealership. When I got my van back I was told I needed a new radiator ($800) and cabin air filter ($80). I brought the van back to my mechanic and he said the radiator was fine and took 2 minutes to change the cabin filter ($15). That was 15,000 miles ago!

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Reliable and Versatile.

pmerk28, 03/14/2014
LE 8-Passenger Fwd 4dr Minivan (3.3L 6cyl 5A)
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The internet brings out all the strange reviewers: people claiming horrible experiences and people who use this forum to complain about the dealers instead of the actual product. I have had this car new since August 2005. As of this writing it now has 190,000 miles. There are hard Long lsland, NY miles. The radiator finally rotted out. Is this unreasonable? The lift gate shocks failed at around 150,000 miles. I ordered a pair online for well under $100.00 and installed them in 10 mins. Mileage is very good for a huge vehicle. I still get 18 mpg city and 22 or so on the highway. The exhaust system is still all original. Nothing leaks. No problems with the sliding doors so far.

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Fine Van

Tom, 08/21/2010
XLE Limited 7-Passenger AWD 4dr Minivan (3.3L 6cyl 5A)
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Bought used with 92,000 miles; now has 101,000 miles and have loved every mile. Replaced a 2006 le that gave excellent service but I wanted to own one with all of the extra button spaces used so this xle limited awd has it all! Run flat tires were replaced with regular tires so I had to buy a spare but found a new one at a salvage yard for 100.00. Gas mileage has been about 24 mpg but the awd grip makes up for the 2 mpg less that the le. Have had no problems with anything and have taken three 1000 mile trips this summer. The only minor problem was a frozen bolt when I had the timing belt changed but the cost was minimal. It drives and rides superbly and makes long trips a pleasure.

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