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2008 smart fortwo Long-Term Road Test

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2008 smart fortwo passion coupe: Better than the R8

November 05, 2008


On more than a few occasions people have come back into the office after driving the smart and compared it with the R8: They both get a lot of attention from onlookers. Both cars seat only two and both cars have absolutely pathetic transmissions. They're also both pretty useless vehicles despite the Audi's claim to the 911's title of every-day supercar. Well guess what, every day people go grocery shopping. And for this type of thing the smart fortwo is clearly superior to the Audi R8 by one Whole Foods bag.

Mike Magrath, Vehicle Testing Assistant

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2008 Smart Fortwo: See? It Can Carry Some Stuff

September 24, 2008


Check out what I was able to do with our 2008 Smart Fortwo during the weekend of my big move. Fortunately I also had use of a rented U-Haul and a Dodge Ram pickup to move a one-bedroom apartment's worth of stuff but the Smart was good enough to tote four of my moving boxes at least, as well as serve as the go-fetch car when I just wanted to pick up food for my hungry friends who helped me move.

And since it helped a bit, I feel I have to say one more good thing about it. I like that it has bun warmers. Not something I'd normally expect of an "econocar" with cloth seats.

Caroline Pardilla, Deputy Managing Editor @ 9,633 miles

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2008 Smart Fortwo: Passion at the Laundromat

July 11, 2008


Things were looking up as I drove our 2008 Smart Fortwo to the laundromat: I got a longing look from a guy in a yellow Pontiac Aztek. It was a first-year Aztek, black cladding and all, so he's hard-core.

On a more practical note, the Smart's clamshell-type hatch makes it easy to slide a laundry basket in and out.

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