Loves the Rain - 2014 Mini Cooper Hardtop Long-Term Road Test

2014 Mini Cooper Hardtop Long-Term Road Test

2014 Mini Cooper: Loves the Rain

March 31, 2015

2014 Mini Cooper

Rain + our long-term 2014 Mini Cooper = Fun.

I discovered this during a very wet late night McNugget run a few weeks ago. Traffic was light and it had been raining all day, so the roads were clean. Wet but clean.

The Mini was a blast.

Traction was high. The Cooper wears summer tires, a set of Continental ContiSportContact 3 SSR sized 205/45R17, and they provided more traction than I could use. Even when my inner Gio Bromante grabbed the wheel.

But it was more than that. This car talks to you. The Mini's steering, brakes and other connections to the driver provide the feel real drivers need to be precise. Suddenly a rainy run to McDonald's is a great drive. An event. An excuse to eat 20 McNuggets.

Not many cars can do that.

Push it too far and the electronic stability and traction control systems were there to save my skin, but they were kind and didn't spoil my fun. After a while I was confident enough to turn off those systems and feel the true limits of the machine. And me.

I returned home with a big grin and a big bag of fried stuff. Extra sweet and sour sauce. Cool car.

Scott Oldham, Editor in Chief @ 11,723 miles

2014 MINI Cooper

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