Gonna Miss Ya - 2014 Mini Cooper Hardtop Long-Term Road Test

2014 Mini Cooper Hardtop Long-Term Road Test

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2014 Mini Cooper: Gonna Miss Ya

by Josh Sadlier, Senior Editor on October 13, 2015

2014 Mini Cooper

Just wanted to say a heartfelt "Good-bye, and good luck" to our long-term 2014 Mini Cooper, which, as I'm writing this, is likely on its way back to the BMW/Mini mothership in New Jersey (stay tuned for the long-term wrap-up). Despite the aspersions I've cast on its styling, I like this car. A lot. It's not like anything else, and it stays true to the Mini character that we've known and loved since BMW revived the brand in the early 2000s.

Given that I don't really dig the Mk7 Golf/GTI, I just might end up with a Mini if I were shopping for a premium sporty hatchback sort of thing.

Even this base Mini with its automatic transmission provides a singular driving experience. In particular, its Sport Mode is one of the few genuinely worthy of the name. The transmission is ready to go, right now, and the diminutive three-cylinder finds reserves that you didn't know it had. Getaways from stoplights are transformed from drudgery to delight. It just makes everything more interesting.

How many cars are this engaging? I wager most of them cost multiple times the Mini's asking price.

Farewell, then, friend. You were good.

Josh Sadlier, Senior Editor


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