2015 Jaguar F-Type R Coupe Long-Term Road Test - Wrap-Up

2015 Jaguar F-Type R Coupe Long-Term Road Test

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2015 Jaguar F-TYPE

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What We Got
In 2014 the Jaguar F-Type made its debut as a convertible. It was everything a Jaguar should be — fun to drive, fun to look at and fun to listen to. We liked it, but thought a coupe version would be even better. Sure enough, the F-Type coupe arrived a year later and we decided to add one to the fleet to see if the infatuation would last a whole year.

Our 2015 Jaguar F-Type R Coupe was the top model offering. The R trim carried with it a supercharged 5.0-liter V8 generating 550 horsepower and 502 pound-feet of torque. A firmer suspension, 20-inch wheels, larger brakes and an improved electronic differential set the R apart from the entry-level S trim, though both share an eight-speed automatic transmission. The base MSRP for our car was $99,925.

Options were minimal. Dark alloy wheels were an extra grand and went well with the Black Pack ($400) interior trim package. The Vision Pack ($2,100) added adaptive headlights, a blind spot monitor and a rearview camera. Our total as-tested MSRP was $103,425.

2015 Jaguar F-Type R Coupe


  • "The V8's engine and exhaust note is brash. The crackles from the exhaust are so far over the top that it almost made a knuckle-dragger like me self-conscious. Almost.... I love the V8. I love that it challenges me. I love that it scares me. I don't care that it's too loud or that I get horrible fuel economy figures. I love driving, and the F-Type R Coupe is a driver's car." — Mark Takahashi

  • "'Crackle, pop, bang!' the Jag F-Type R sound show began. She looked over at me and said, 'Oh my gosh, you love this car, don't you?' Yeah, I kinda do. And yes, maybe I am a bit obnoxious. But the Jag sounds so fantastic, even if the exhaust noise is a bit over-tuned and overly contrived... not exactly minding the power and speed, either." — Mike Monticello


  • "I filled up before I left so I could separate the Buttonwillow miles and see what a pure point-to-point highway run at 70-something miles per hour would amount to. The answer: 27.1 mpg for the 200.2 miles to my usual pump #2 at the Sam's Shell station on the edge of my neighborhood." — Dan Edmunds

  • "I locked the cruise control at 70 mph and relaxed. After 408.2 miles, it was time to find a gas station. That was a podium topper. My 25.5 mpg was not enough to claim the best single-tank record, but did surpass the EPA highway estimate of 23 mpg." — Mike Schmidt


  • "I'm going to have to agree with Ed Hellwig.... The seats in the F-Type aren't as comfortable as they should be. The stuffing, in the seatback in particular, is quite hard and after a couple of hours in the car you definitely notice that, well, you're noticing the seats.... There are many seats out there with equally superb lateral support, plus all-day comfort. Jag should have done a better job here." — Mike Monticello

  • "The F-Type seat is jeered on this blog for its lack of comfort. And sure, I noticed the low-hanging headrest, the aggressive side bolsters, the aforementioned seam and the general firmness of the seat when I first climbed into it. I can add a lack of legroom to the list.... But I'll tell you what. After a short time on the road, I settled in and forgot all about these complaints." — Mike Schmidt

2015 Jaguar F-Type R Coupe

Cargo Space

  • "I removed the rigid cargo cover and all of the longer woods from my (golf) bag. At that point, my bag went easily in, as there is actually quite a lot of space underneath the left quarter panel. The woods then fit easily adjacent to the bag and the cargo cover went back on." — James Riswick

  • "Longboarders will have to look elsewhere, but that's a 5-foot, 6-inch Roberts El Tormentor, with matching orange fins stowed in the back of our long-term F-Type R Coupe." — Scott Oldham


  • "The F-Type's wide C-pillars look great on the outside, but inside they create two big blind spots at the 5 and 7 o'clock positions. The rear window doesn't help much, either.... Expect half of that tiny view to be blocked when the active spoiler comes up at highway speeds. All this makes the rearview camera and blind spot monitoring systems essential items to put on your must-have list." — Ron Montoya

  • "Overnight bag. Gym bag. Briefcase-thingy. They all fit. So did my coffee cup. I did, however, want more center console space. Sunglasses, iPod charging cable, parking pass and GoPro took up the whole thing." — Mike Magrath

Audio and Technology

  • "The system connects to Bluetooth- or USB-connected devices quickly, indexes my 5,000+ song index immediately when connected via USB, and even when the sun is beating down on the screen it's still completely clear and legible. The audio commands are easy to learn, touchscreen buttons respond well to input and the screen graphics look great." — Travis Langness

  • "I know that some drivers consider blind-spot monitors a wussy feature: Real men (and women) turn their heads. By all means, look over your shoulder, but head-turning will not help you in the Jaguar F-Type. Blinking lights on the mirrors will." — Carroll Lachnit


  • "After crossing the 16,000-mile mark on our beloved F-Type, it was time for a scheduled visit for what amounted to an oil change and inspection. But we also had a few other issues to address.... About 24 hours later, the car was ready. There were no service charges. Considering how hard we drive this car, I think it's holding up like a champ." — Mark Takahashi

  • 2015 Jaguar F-Type R Coupe

  • "So when our Jag started to intermittently flash its tire pressure warning light on the right rear, I had to guess that the tire was teetering right on that 20-percent-low threshold that usually activates these devices. And experience tells me that's a slow leak. And living in L.A. where we've got 9,000,000,000 construction sites, experience tells me the cause is a nail." — Mike Magrath


  • "Take a look at the shift paddles.... They're losing their orange.... I like the idea behind this splash of color, but seeing it rubbing away on the edges of the shift paddles is a little disappointing. Not only does it look shabby, it exposes the fact that behind that glittering orange sheen, the paddles are made of white plastic." — Ed Hellwig

  • "...by the third session I was finally having fun. The herd thinned from 25 drivers in the first session to fewer than a dozen after lunch, and this meant several uninterrupted laps to truly experience the Jag's capabilities. On the front straight the F-Type R easily cracked 130 miles per hour.... The Jag performed brilliantly." — Travis Langness

Maintenance & Repairs

Regular Maintenance:
Service intervals of 16,000 miles meant we visited the dealer for routine maintenance just once during our test. But fresh oil wasn't the Jaguar's only need for dealer attention. There were some service campaigns and warranty repairs as well.

Service Campaigns:
At the 16,000-mile service we had several items addressed. A creak from the parcel shelf fell under a recall campaign (K251) that recommended application of the aptly named "anti-creak paste." Another recall (K255) reapplied failed adhesive to the cargo cover. This came unglued three months later, at which point the cover was replaced completely and under warranty. Paint on both shift paddles was peeling and they were replaced at no charge. Finally, a safety recall (J047) remedied a seatbelt tensioner wiring concern.

Fuel Economy and Resale Value

Observed Fuel Economy:
The EPA estimated 18 mpg combined (16 city/23 highway) for the F-Type R Coupe. Our best single-tank range of 408 miles was the result of intentional frugality, but most tanks averaged closer to 200 miles. Our lifetime average was 15.5 mpg despite a single-tank best of 27.1 mpg.

Resale and Depreciation:
Our test car had an MSRP as-tested of $103,425. After one year it had 23,269 miles on the odo and was valued at $86,504 based on a private-party sale by the Edmunds TMV® Calculator. This equated to just 16 percent depreciation. This is far better than our fleet average, which tends to sit between 20 and 22 percent.

2015 Jaguar F-Type R Coupe

Summing Up

Pros: Stunning performance and sound from the 550-hp V8, responsive automatic transmission rarely picks the wrong gear, can get decent mileage if you're willing to use the cruise control, nicely detailed cabin, useful trunk, solid resale value.

Cons: Aggressive seats don't fit every body type, slow navigation interface, no manual transmission offered with the V8, a few cheap plastic interior parts.

Bottom Line: If you want a high-end sports car that looks good, sounds good and feels good when you're behind the wheel, the Jaguar F-Type R presses all the right buttons. It's not as nimble as a Porsche 911 or as fast as a Z06 Corvette, but if those aren't your priorities, the F-Type is an alternative worth considering.

Total Body Repair Costs: None
Total Routine Maintenance Costs: None (over 12 months)
Additional Maintenance Costs: $1,860 to replace four Pirelli P Zeros and patch three flat tires.
Warranty Repairs: Repair parcel shelf creak, apply adhesive to parcel shelf cover, replace parcel shelf cover, replace both paddle shift levers, repair seatbelt tensioner wiring.
Non-Warranty Repairs: None
Scheduled Dealer Visits: 1
Unscheduled Dealer Visits: 1 to order replacement parcel shelf
Days Out of Service: 1
Breakdowns Stranding Driver: None
Best Fuel Economy: 27.1 mpg
Worst Fuel Economy: 8.9 mpg
Average Fuel Economy: 15.5 mpg
True Market Value at service end: $86,504 (private-party sale)
Depreciation: $16,921 (16% of original MSRP)
Final Odometer Reading: 23,269 miles

The manufacturer provided Edmunds this vehicle for the purposes of evaluation.

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