2009 Infiniti FX50 Long-Term Road Test - Maintenance

2009 Infiniti FX50 Long-Term Road Test

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2009 Infiniti FX50: Door Panel Replaced

January 21, 2010


Finally. It took 2 months of ordering and re-ordering the replacement door panel for our 2009 Infiniti FX50. But it finally arrived. We stopped by Cerritos Infiniti to have it installed and now it's good as new. And the work itself took just under 2 hours.

Total Cost: $0

Days Out of Service: None

Mike Schmidt, Vehicle Testing Manager @ 29,000 miles

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2009 Infiniti FX50 AWD: TPMS says "You're Screwed"

September 18, 2009

2009 infiniti fx50 tpms

When the FX50 shined that TPMS light at me this morning, I knew I was going to miss the meeting I was already running late for. Checked all four tires and discovered that the rear driver side tire was low by 10 psi (supposed to be 33, it was at 23). I got myself to the nearest gas station and filled it up to spec. The light went off and I gingerly drove it to the office. Checked the tire again and it had held the air for the brief drive. (We also note that it's time for an oil change. We'll take care of that soon.)

I turned the case over to the Mikes. Mr. Magrath took it to our beloved Stokes. A screw in the dead center of the tread was removed, and the tire was patched for the tidy price of $20.

What does it cost to get a tire patched in your neck of the woods?

Bryn MacKinnon @ 22,867 miles

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2009 Infiniti FX50: Intermediate Service

August 11, 2009


We've been tough on our Infiniti FX50 since its last service. A long trip here, another there. So when the IP in the FX50 coughed up a maintenance light just 3,500 miles after its last service we decided to take it in.

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2009 Infiniti FX50: 15,000 Mile Service

June 26, 2009

09 infiniti fx50 service.jpg

We just picked up the FX50 from Cerritos Infiniti - total cost $215.60. Not Cheap. Here's how it breaks down: $120 for labor, $87.51 for parts and of course California sales tax. This service interval required replacing the cabin air filter and that part alone cost us about $67.00. We also found out that low brake fluid was causing the VDC and RAS lights to come on randomly. Our advisor says that the problem should be fixed. Also, a recall fix was made to the power adjustable steering column - no charge of course. To the credit of Cerritos Infiniti, they told us about the recall and not the other way around.

Finally, we learned that our brake pads are at 50% meaning we've used up half their life in just 15,000 miles. Cerritos Infiniti gave us prompt, efficient service but for the money we'd expect nothing less.

Brian Moody, Automotive Editor @ 15,194 miles.

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2009 Infiniti FX50: In for Service

June 25, 2009


We just dropped of the FX50 at Cerritos Infiniti in Cerritos, Calif. It's due for a 15,000 mile service plus we had been having issues with VDC and RAS warning lights coming on for (seemingly) no good reason. Once we got there, our service advisor told us there's also a recall on the steering column motor so that should be fixed as well. We'll let you know what happens and how much cash we're out.

Brian Moody, Automotive Editor @ 15,067 miles.

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2009 Infiniti FX50 AWD: 7,500 Mile Service

June 04, 2009

FX50 Blog.jpg

In the latest installment of the Twilight Desk, we have a belated report of service we had done on our 2009 Infiniti FX50 at just over 7,500 miles, mere days before Erin took the FX50 S to Napa (where I took this picture).

We had the service done at Nissan of Santa Monica-- Infiniti of Santa Monica was on the verge of closing down at the time, they're closed now-- and there was no wait for an appointment.

The 7,500 mile service totaled $122.67 with tax and that included an oil change (10W30), tire rotation, visual inspections, fluids and torquing of all suspension components. The next service is due at 15,000 miles and we're already knocking on that door. Promise to get that one up in a more timely manner.

Total Cost: 122.67

Days out of Service: 0

Mike Magrath, Vehicle Testing Assistant

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