2012 Ford Mustang - Edmunds Ratings

2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 (5.0L V8 6-speed Manual)
Date Driven: 3/8/2011
Performance The Boss 302 goes well beyond the standard Mustang GT when it comes to delivering an engaging driving experience. This is among the most fun driver's cars available today. It's fast, durable and sounds spectacular.
Driving Dynamics The Boss elevates a Mustang GT's handling to a track-appropriate level. The Laguna Seca package offers more rigidity, more downforce and stickier rubber. This is a focused handling machine and it shows.
Ride Comfort Overall ride quality in the Boss is stiff, but still not unlivable on a daily basis. Largely, this is due to the car's adjustable dampers. Dial them up at the track and dial them down for the drive home.
Quietness With 11 fewer pounds of sound insulation in its cockpit than a Mustang GT, the Boss is decidedly louder inside. There's noticeable gear noise, tire noise and exhaust noise. If you're an enthusiast these are features rather than compromises.
Ergonomics The lack of a telescoping steering wheel can make finding a comfortable driving position difficult for some drivers. Otherwise, most controls are placed well and relatively intuitive to use.
Visibility Forward visibility is quite good out of the Mustang but rear-quarter visibility, as with most coupes, could be better. Nothing extraordinarily bad here, just plan on using the mirrors.
Seat Access & Space Recaro seats are standard on the Laguna Seca package and optional on base Boss models. They're among the most supportive and comfortable seats in any car sold today. There are no rear seats in the Laguna Seca Package.
Cargo & Storage A relatively small trunk and little overall storage space characterize the Mustang's emphasis on sportiness over utility. There are small door pockets and minimal center console storage. No small-items tray.
Build Quality We've yet to experience problems with assembly quality with a Boss Mustang. Certainly, the Mustang can't compete with Porsche here, but paint quality, interior materials and assembly are price appropriate.

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