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P.T. Cruiser, great little runner!

Lee Rhodes, 03/19/2016
4dr Wagon (2.4L 4cyl 5M)
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This car has been a joy to own. I bought this one used in 2007 and it has been consistently reliable. The only issues I have had are age related. A crack in the dashboard (which was completely preventable had I only bought a dash cover), both hydraulic pistons which hold up the rear lift gate need replacing, The headliner is just now slightly peeling back from the front window edge, and the cruise control failed which is caused by a module which Chrysler has known for years was faulty yet continued to produce and install in many Chrysler models including its mini vans. Just recently, this 13 year old vehicle is starting to burn a little oil. It loses a quart every 6 weeks. However an engine rebuild for this car is only $1600 which is surprisingly inexpensive and takes only 10 working days. The PT Cruiser shares the same chassis as Chrysler's Neon and the PT cruiser is a much heavier car. I have an automatic transmission and it is supplemented by a K&N breather kit which improved gas mileage by almost 2 miles per gallon. This car currently has 178,000 miles on it and if I rebuild the engine I am confident I can run it for many years to come.

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A Perfect Pug Mobile

Pug Nut, 01/23/2007
Touring Edition 4dr Wagon (2.4L 4cyl 5M)
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Bought new 2002 5 spd stick 4 1/2 years and 83,000 miles later- new tires, frnt pads @40k, new cooling fan @60k,clutch, rotor, pads, tires & boogerbushings @83k, P.M. belts, hoses, battery/primary @83k I've had lots of new cars/trucks and this has been the most satisfying overall - she's a little low slung which is part of the look oh well and sometimes a little skittish on slippery surfaces. I used to be new every 2 (or less) but I cant justify selling my PT just to buy another one. @83k 25 mpg - the whole 5 speed pkg awesome

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Hope you're a shade tree mechanic

dadto5, 10/17/2010
Touring Edition 4dr Wagon (2.4L 4cyl 5M)
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Bought with 57,000. In the 57,000 miles since: new elec cooling fan $600 dealership ($90 rock auto), fog lights won't turn off (pulled fuse), front window switch failed ($45 ebay), brakes 3 times (only $65 done myself), whole new front suspension $575, new transmission @ 110,000 miles $1700. Timing chain will need done by 117,000 or the engine will fail $475, new water pump ($65 done myself), chrome alloy rims look great but bend easily. I don't expect a car with 114,000 to be free to operate. But everyone I've talked to can't believe my transmission lasted that long. Front suspension needs work every 30,000 miles. Arm rest are to low to be useful. 16-19 mpg, but I'm used to 10 in my truck

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worst car i ever owned and this is my second pt cruiser

myptcruiser, 05/04/2011
Touring Edition 4dr Wagon (2.4L 4cyl 5M)
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I have owned 2 pt cruisers, a 2001 and 2002. I do not know why I bought the second one. Both had the same problems - replaced radiator $1200 both times; suspension problems with tie rods, wheel hub assembly. If I open the hatchback it causes my brake lights to fail, because according to Chrysler dealership, the wiring rubs as I open the hatchback. The camshaft sensor had to be replaced $350. Now it is going out again after being replaced by the Chrysler dealership less than 8 months ago. Very expensive to repair. Do not buy this car! You can find them available for sale everywhere - have you ever wondered why? Be glad they no longer make this car.

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Car from HELL

Charrissa, 08/05/2009
Limited Edition 4dr Wagon (2.4L 4cyl 5M)
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I HATE this car. I can not wait to get rid of it. My main computer went out a few months after I bought it which cost me $3000 to fix. Few months later my fog lights wouldn't turn off, which killed my battery stranding me many times. I had to remove the fuse that controls it. Currently my car makes a horrible noise (similar to a cats fighting) only when I turn to the right. It also makes horrible sounds when I first turn it on and drive. Turning radius stinks and so does the gas. I will NEVER EVER buy a Chrysler again.

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