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Excellent Vehicle!!

Lori, 06/01/2009
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Absolutely Excellent vehicle! Bought it with about 50,000 miles on and it now has 198,000 and drives just well as it did when I first bought it. I have beat the crud out of this van with three kids in hockey and multiple other activities. My job requires heavy loads to be transported here and there. Kids, now teenagers, have given it a beating, and it just keeps on going and going! Basic maintenance, other than the window motors going out on a couple of occasions. It runs out so smooth, can't even hear or feel when it's on. We're pushing for another 100k??!!!

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Chevy venture van

airplane, 09/06/2002
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this van i have had has been somewhat reliable but from now on i would not buy anything but honda or toyota unless they really made american cars more reliable.

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This has been my best car ever!

Lisa, 05/21/2016
LS 3dr Ext Minivan
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Bought this car used with 11,000 miles and it now has 198,000. Never used the AC after reading reviews about engine problems. The only repairs I have made are new brake shoes and pads (several times). Replaced the serpentine belt when a mechanic noticed it was starting to fray. Hit a deer two years ago and the police and mechanic said the van saved our life with its steel construction. Head light covers became foggy I found new ones on Amazon for $25! The window motors have gone out on both sides but they are like $50 at the auto parts store. Raised three kids in it and about to pass it off to the teenager getting her license. Wish they still made them! Average 20 MPG with mostly city driving. I am a merchandise vendor and have consistently carried hundreds and hundreds of pounds in the back of this van. Can't believe how lucky I've been with my Venture.

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Great Van!

chuckyanne, 05/24/2002
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We have three little kids (including a set of twins) and this van works great for us. We have four doors which is wonderful for getting them all in and out easily. We bought it used and with high miles, but we haven't had any problems with it. It's definitely Chevy quality!

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What a lemon

dadall1, 09/27/2002
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I've had nothing but expensive problems with this van ever since the warranty ran out at 36K miles (coincidence?). The service engine light was on for well over a year while my garage tried to find the cause. I paid for everything from new spark plugs/cables to an oxygen sensor to an ignition control switch (just to name a few things) while they performed exploratory surgery on my van and now at just over 73K miles, they are telling me the transmission is kaput. No wonder Ford's motto is "Quality is job 1" because it's obviously NOT GM's.

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Dragon, 11/26/2002
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This was our first mini-van and it turned out to be great for our needs. We traveled all over USA, the seats came out for cargo, rode comfortably, the V-6 was powerful enough and never gave us any trouble until it hit 75,000 miles (had to replace a couple fuel injectors and battery.) We liked it so much, we bought another one in 2002, this time an LS ext. with 4 doors....but we are keeping the 1998 Venture until our kids need a "newer" car.

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Poor old beast kicked the can on NYE!

ventureman5, 01/05/2011
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My 98 Venture died driving home from Hampton Roads VA this past New Years Eve. The dreaded gasket failure problem with the heads. At 176K miles though I supposed I should count my blessings. Especially considering this is the 1st time it has needed any serious work. It still runs. I drove it today to trade it in for a used Windstar and it was still full of powr and running smooth and quiet as ever but I knew with each mile the crankcase was filling with coolant. It made its last drive without failure despite the serious problems. I will miss this vehicle very much even though it was just a baseline grocery getter. It earned my admiration after all these years of flawless performance.

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Gasket Problems!

Rob Barth, 02/27/2003
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The Venture does fine until the coolant mixes with the engine oil, sometimes requiring a new engine. This seems to happen anytime after 40,000 miles. GM is not always willing to help with the costs, which can cost $4,000! The same plastic compound gasket is still being used as a Chevy mechanic has told me.

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Just OK

TXEng, 06/12/2008
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Bought the Venture new, fortunately with extended warranty, which paid for itself. Under warranty the AC compressor failed (defective from factory). I had the same intake gasket problem others have mentioned. The dash climate control failed and had to be replaced. There are indeed too many plastic parts and not solidly attached. Passenger side electric window is not working now. But have about 120,000 miles on it, and it is comfortable and roomy and otherwise served our family well.

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Let Down

Let Down, 06/12/2008
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This was a demo vehicle when I purchased it, but I was the first owner. Its styling, spacious interior, and solid feel sold me on it. I loved this minivan. It started every time I turned the key. It was good on fuel and on long trips. It was just a very reliable minivan aside from having to replcd the brake pads annually. However, when the odometer turned to 50K then its radio died & I had to rplace the driver-side window regulator. After the odometer turned 60K the oil pump went, then the main bearing; thus, the motor is kaput. I am really disappointed in the piece of junk GM put under the hood. It is dead in the driveway. I currently have a 06 Uplander; it will be sold! Never again Chevy

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