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Best First Car

theacemax97, 05/07/2015
4dr Extended Cab LT 2WD SB w/out OnStar (5.3L 8cyl 4A)
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Back in October 2001, my dad bought a Olympic White Extended Cab 5.3 LS 2001 Silverado and we have had it ever since. I received this car as my first car in the Summer of 2013 (I got it when I was 16, now I am 18) and it has been since the day it came off the lot. Overall, it has been very reliable, it has had a transmission replaced under warranty, around 115k mi, the oil pan began to leak and the water pump was replaced, 140k mi the fuel pump was replaced and thats really all that has been major with it. Just basic oil changes every 5-7.5k miles and fluid changes and it is still running like a charm. Its fast, comfortable, easy to maneuver and it still looks good 14 years later!

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The honest man's truck

wbrem588, 12/25/2017
4dr Extended Cab 2WD LB (4.8L 8cyl 4A)
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Reviewing on behalf of my father. Dad picked up his 2001 Silverado 9 years ago in August. It has the 4.8, the LS trim level, and is 2WD with a short bed. It has been nothing short of reliable since day one. He bought it with 70K, and it now has over 218K. Despite the dreaded piston slap when warming it up on cold mornings, the engine runs flawlessly and like it has 18,000 miles, not 218,000. Other than synthetic oil changes every 5,000 miles, the only under-hood maintenance has been a new battery, washer fluid container, belts & hoses, idler pully, and a tune-up over 100,000 miles ago. That's it. It will need a new water pump soon, but that's a cheap and easy fix. The 4L60-E transmissions aren't known to last forever, but, knock on wood, the one in ours is still running right along. This truck's biggest achilles heal has been the brake lines. These early GMT-800 trucks are notorious for the brake lines rusting out due to bad/cheap undercoating from GM. We ordered new stainless steel lines and installed them ourselves. No problems since. We just finally revamped the suspension around 215K with new shocks, ball joints, and tie rods. It now handles the bumps in the roads much better. Besides normal wear and tear, the interior has held up pretty good. Build quality isn't the best, there are plenty of shakes and rattles in the cabin, but I think it's functional and laid out nicely. All in all, this truck has served us well. It's no powerhouse, it doesn't have any fancy options, but it has been reliable as dirt. And there's nothing like a good old fashioned pushrod V8 under the hood.

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Z71 Silverado 2001

whofan, 09/11/2005
4dr Extended Cab LS 4WD SB (4.8L 8cyl 4A)
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This is an almost perfect truck. Comfort, handsome design, and a combined mileage 17.5 MPG. Powerful precise steering, automatic transfer case. Almost perfect. The bad, cold start knock (annoying). Weak intermedate steering shaft (replaced). Known for bad fuel guage sending units (hasn`t happened yet). Nothing's perfect and the good more than offsets the bad. Best truck I ever drove. What`s bad, the bad is silly stuff GM should have got right in the first place.

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2001 4.8 LS regular Cab short bed 2WD

sliqnaugahyde, 02/06/2013
4dr Extended Cab 2WD LB (4.8L 8cyl 4A)
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I bought my 2001 Pewter LS Silverado new and have 97,000 original miles on it. It has never been garage kept. I live in NJ and there is not a spot of rust on the truck and the paint still shines. I run it through the car wash 1 to 2 times a month and get the wax treatment that is included. I have only replaced the fuel pump and recently the thermostat besides the norm. I continually get offers for the truck and complements from other pickup owners. The truck has no rattles and runs great. the door speakers have just started buzzing, but I'm sure it's because of age and banging of the doors for 13 years. My only complaint has been tires. I'm on my 3rd set of Bridgestones that are 16/60/ 275's

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2003 Chevy Silverado Timebomb

Former Chevyman, 09/28/2010
4dr Extended Cab 4WD SB (4.8L 8cyl 4A)
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Camshaft and lifter failure at 71K! Pitted cam lobe evident once exposed along with a worn valve lifter. Was diligently maintained including oil changes, routine servicing, etc. Independent repair shop says defective parts were installed at manufacture. Took 70K miles to manifest itself hence the time bomb. GM says off warranty so no help or assistance possible with $4500 repair costs. Also a front shimmy since it was new has been troublesome and apparently is not fixable per Chevy, Les Schwab Tires, and independent repair shop. CD player failed at 45K miles, never bothered to repair. Third new Chevy truck I have owned and it's definitely the last.

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