2012 Chevrolet Corvette - Edmunds Ratings

2012 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (7.0L V8 6-speed Manual)
Date Driven: 9/14/2010 (2011 Z06)
Performance The 505-hp Z06 is among the very quickest and fastest cars on the planet, sprinting to 60 in 4 seconds and reaching 200 mph. Those credentials alone earn it accolades, but the ease with which clutch and shifter work make it that much better.
Driving Dynamics Historically skittish when driven above 8/10ths, the addition of the optional Z07 package's self-adjusting dampers, carbon brakes, & Michelin PS2 tires has given the Z06 newfound poise up to '11/10ths'. Few cars are better.
Ride Comfort Absent the optional self-adjusting dampers, the Z06 rides like a sports car would/should. With the Z07 package, the 2-position selector provides an uncannily good ride, but the wide tires occasionally nibble and wander on seams and grooves.
Quietness Sound-deadening measures make the Z06 far quieter now than when first introduced, but wide performance tires will generate surface-dependent cabin noise, and so will the 7.0L V8 -- especially when the exhaust flaps open -- but you knew that.
Ergonomics As in any supercar, there are ergonomic sacrifices to be found: token cupholders, exhaust-heated armrest/trunk, and barely adequate optional nav/audio system controls. Otherwise, buttons, switches, etc. are well placed for driver access.
Visibility Front and side visibility are quite good, but rearward and blindspot areas are problematic, especially without parking sensors and/or backup camera availability. Both nose- and tail-in parking can easily result in front splitter/body damage.
Seat Access & Space Upgraded seats are worthwhile (heated, power adjustable, etc), yet still below the industry average and especially embarrassing compared to seats of other sportscar makers. Entry/exit is problematic in tight side-by-side parking stalls.
Cargo & Storage Officially rated at 22 cu-ft, the Z06's trunk is sizable. However, the compartment is shallow in height, connected to cabin, exposed through glass hatch, and heated by exhaust -- perfect for pizza delivery. Cabin is similarly challenged.
Build Quality GM has dedicated itself to improving the interior qualities of the Corvette and it shows, especially with the (expensive) 3LZ Premium package's leather-wrapped interior. Exterior build and paint quality are still behind industry benchmarks.

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