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2010 Chevrolet Camaro Long Term Road Test

2010 Camaro SS: "Pair Device (GPS)" Setting a Dead End?

September 23, 2009


After hopping in the Camaro SS last night, I started to pair my phone and came across this perplexing option in the Bluetooth menu: "Pair Device (GPS)."

I've used several portable GPS devices with built-in Bluetooth. But why would you need a separate setting for GPS when portable nav systems and cell phones share the same Bluetooth device-pairing profile?

A call to Chevy PR didn't provide an answer (at least not as of post-time), but a quick Google search got us one from the fanatics at camaro5.com.

According to a thread in a post by Codeman71, who claims to be a GM employee who designed the interface for the Camaro's Bluetooth interface, the mysterious "Pair Device (GPS)" setting is a dead end.

He writes, "It was initially intended to basically allow you to pair up a laptop or phone and get GPS coordinates from the OnStar module. You could then run a navigation program like Streets & Trips on your laptop. This functionality was eventually disabled, but wasn't removed from the radio for some reason."

I was hoping it was for what my colleague Al Austria guessed: So that voice instructions from a portable nav system could be played over the vehicle's speakers.

Doug Newcomb, Senior Editor, Technology, Edmunds.com

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