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Very Reliable

Albert, 02/28/2009
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Only my 3rd vehicle(all Chevy) to never have a problem. Put 62000 miles in 54 weeks on this car. changed tires at 45000 miles. Been a surprise as to driving. Due to my financial problems sold 3 Mercedes ,sl55,s55,cl55 and a 2007 corvette. Very surprised the performance and seats did not bother me after coming out of my prior vehicles. Was very bad and only changed oil 1 time and never went in for normal service. oil level never went down even after long quick trips. Gad millage at 85 was 27-29.5. Wind can push this car very easy and had occasionally caused the steering wheel to be knocked out of my hand. Breaks squeaked a lot in the morning

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Reliable, comfortable, safe

alisotoga11, 12/20/2011
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Bought this used with 40k 2 years ago for 8500. No problems, put on nice Michelin tires and it handles good. The very cheap tires on it had it squeal around corners. Drive it to San Francisco, park it anywhere, same size as a Mini, and get a solid 30+mpg. Only thing I do not like is no cruise control, for the money I would buy another. It stills runs good, and think it will a while longer.

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my little yellow puddle jumper

Michael Morrison, 02/26/2018
5 Special Value 4dr Hatchback (1.6L 4cyl 5M)
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Bought this "nothing automatic" basic car to do a 105 mile round trip to my job. That's 525 miles a week. Did the job six years. The car never had a tune up just oil changes and tires. Until mice invaded and built a nest under the timing belt which caused the belt to skip sprocket teeth which bent six or so valves ($1800 bucks later) the car was totally reliable. I hope to keep it alive for another couple of years or so (local trips under fifteen miles) since the trade in value according to Edmunds is $74 bucks. Needless to say I have declared total war on the local mouse herd. Adopted six outside "barn" cats, bought a pellet rifle, and encouraged predatory birds to nest in our woodlot! Since I wrote this the car is still running but no longer inspectable (rust) so I just use it around my small town. This summer will probably drive it to that great auto recycler in the sky or donate it to my local PBS radio station.

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Very dependable and great on gas!

amack1, 07/08/2011
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I love my little Aveo, I bought it brand new in April of 2007 and the only things I've had to do where get the valve cover replaced (under warranty), change a relay switch which cost me less than $20, wheel bearings at 60k and regular maintenance. I've used mobil 1 in my car since the day I brought it home, literally and I've had no problems! It is fun to drive, the easiest 5 speed I swear, I just changed the brakes for the 1st time at 90k miles. (you don't use much with a stick). It has been very reliable and great on gas, i usually get 35-37 mpg, never under 32mpg. If you treat it right, it will return the favor!

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Love this car!

Jean Bell, 12/10/2006
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Waited a long time to get it, two months. It has a sporty exterior, spoiler, et al. Luxurious interior and very comfortable. Lots of extras included. A pleasure to drive, pep, good brakes, ease of parking, and a real buy for the money. Just what I needed for around the town and brief trips. Recommend it for anyone who needs a runabout, with style.

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Hard Core Driving of an Aveo

Lenny Cieslak, 06/13/2008
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I am a social worker for the Commonwealth of KY and cover 13 counties of my region. I have driven my Aveo over 45,000 miles in less than a year over mountainous roads (gravel, two-lane black top, and four lane highways. My Aveo has done excellent! I paid less than $14,000 for a fully loaded red beauty with sliding sky roof, air, auto, & alarm. It has been flawless. I even hit a 100lb deer at 60 MPH and only damaged the hood & grille. It took the licking and I never had to park it, but drove it every day since.

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I've grown to like it.

Unclewally, 09/18/2008
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I purchased my brand new black LT 4 door with all options except sunroof, leather and steering wheel audio controls. I checked around and it was the least expensive car with the options I wanted. I needed a more fuel economical car being that I commute 150 miles round trip a day, for four days. My 11 mpg (highway) Ford Explorer, V8, All Wheel Drive was killing me at the pump. (I still love my truck). I put the car to the test as soon as I got it. I had a custom made tow hitch installed to pull a mini tear drop cargo trailer and drove to Houston Texas. She was loaded with 3 adults and pulling a loaded mini trailer. She didn't miss a beat. Mind you the car is cheesy. You get what you pay for.

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Nice Car

Scott , 10/18/2006
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I love this car. It rides nice, looks great, and you can drive it for a long time before having to fill up.

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Great Overall Value

Michael25503, 04/02/2007
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I bought this vehicle primarily for fuel economy. I consistently get 36-40 mpg in normal driving. Babying it a bit has returned several 43-45 mpg tankfulls. Running it hard on the freeway (80+ mph) drops the mileage to the 30-33 range. Comfort is good for a car of this class - comparable to my old Honda Civic. I love the lumbar support in the driver's seat. The transmission is geared well to deal with the car's modest engine torque while coming up to speed; and cruises well at highway speeds. I have not encountered any high speed or crosswind instability. Vehicle is built tight, and after 3500 miles, has proven to be quite reliable. Cornering and braking are better than I expected.

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Nice Car, Well Loaded, Poor Gas Milleage

Roni, 08/18/2006
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Comfortable car. Very nice interior and exterior design, and for the price, very well equipped. On the other hand, poor gas mileage for this engine. Noisy with the struts.

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