2011 BMW 5 Series - Edmunds Ratings

2011 BMW 5 Series 535i (3.0L 6-cyl. Turbo 6-speed Manual)
Date Driven: 8/24/2010
Performance Not as quick or as agile as the car it replaces, the 535i is no longer the sportiest car in the segment.
Driving Dynamics Thanks to adjustable suspension and active antiroll bars, the 535i offers both ample comfort and respectable handling. Although its handling limits are lower than the previous model, it's still quite capable.
Ride Comfort Among the top luxury sedans in the world, the new-for-2011 5 Series provides comfort amenities. In addition to adjustable suspension, the 535i offers 8-way adjustable driver and passenger seats as well as optional heated and cooled seats.
Quietness With redundant door seals and double-pane side windows, the 535i provides a quiet ride relative to most everything else on the road.
Ergonomics Intuitive HVAC controls coupled with the ease of use of BMW's fourth-generation iDrive contribute to its overall high ease of use. Also, all critical controls are suitably located.
Visibility Very good sightlines combined with the use of bi-xenon headlamps, a useful top-view camera system (optional), parking sensors (optional) and blind-spot monitoring (also optional) give the 535i very good overall visibility.
Seat Access & Space Despite a considerable increase in wheelbase, the 535i lacks the interior space of many competitors.
Cargo & Storage At only 14 cubic feet, the 535i offers a relatively small trunk that is constrained by the intrusive rear wheelwells. No rear trunk pass-through is available to increase utility.
Build Quality Consistent use of high-quality materials and drum-tight assembly always ranks BMW high in this area. The new 535i offers appealingly authentic materials inside, high paint quality outside and consistent panel gaps.

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