Our Favorite Caption - 2011 BMW 528i Long-Term Road Test

2011 BMW 5 Series Long Term Road Test

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2011 BMW 528i: Our Favorite Caption

February 11, 2011


Thanks to mrryte for this week's favorite caption.

Here are the others that knocked us out:

Achtung! Headstanden on das hood ist verboten! (technetium99)
Head stands on edge of open trunk hood are verboten! (ergsum)
To prevent injury, avoid the use of jumpers! (ergsum)
WARNING! Trying to check your oil level in a BMW may result in tension headaches! (technetium99)
Never park your car under floating punctuation. (chirsch3)
Beware of falling ninja stars (noburgers)
Two heads are better than one... (lji1)
F%^&, Where's the dipstick? (pengwin)
Always curtsy when addressing der Bimmer. (actualsize)
See celebrities with your BMW. Bang head; see stars. (vt8919)
Warning! Reading this label may cause a WTF moment. (ergsum)
Tarot reading gone wrong: death by punctuation, falling stars, or hungry cars. (waynester76)
Dang, I coulda had a V8! (joemt)
Warning: If decapitating Ninja Stars shoot out of engine, start breakdancing on hood (cruiserhead1)
Hoods in photo are closer than they appear. (sherief)
Professional mechanic. In a closed garage. (altimadude05)
This car really knocks me out! (litewerk)

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Donna DeRosa, Managing Editor

  • Full Review
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  • Road Tests (6)
  • Comparison (2)
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