Cargo Space - 2009 Audi S5 Long Term Road Test

2009 Audi S5 Long Term Road Test

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2009 Audi S5: Unlikely Cargo Space

November 09, 2009


Here's something I don't normally expect from a coupe -- even a decent sized one like the S5. That's a full suspension mountain bike with 29-inch tires. In other words, it's big. But it fits in the S5 when the seats are folded with no problems.


Josh Jacquot, Senior Road Test Editor

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2009 Audi S5: HDTV compatible

August 10, 2009

Audi S5 fold down seats.jpg

I found out this weekend that our long-term has fold-down seats. This gorgeous sport-coupe can be somewhat practical, but probably won't be useful for your next home remodeling job.

I was going to show some photos of a 42-inch plasma TV in the back, but it's not on sale right now.
So instead, I have photos of...

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2009 Audi S5: Track Ready

July 08, 2009


Ever wonder what that specially shaped niche in the trunk of an Audi S5 is for? Transporting slalom cones, of course.

Chief Road Test Editor, Chris Walton @ 5,244 miles

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