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Reviews seem fake. See for yourself.
Took delivery a few weeks ago prepared for misaligned body panels, falcon wing doors that wouldn't work, and poor service. That's what you would expect reading all these reviews. I have had a great delivery experience without any car issues and now I have most incredible car I have ever been in let alone owned. I have two kids in car seats and I can tell you Elon's "over engineered" pain with the falcon wing doors is my gain. Makes me smile every time I place my kids in their seats thinking of all the times I had to tilt their bodies, squeeze through narrow door openings, and bump their heads on the ceiling while straining my back to get them in my sedan. When my wife is driving the kids I feel safe knowing they are in one of the safest vehicles on the road. The serenity of driving without engine noise will blow your mind. Other favorite features: enormous windscreen, touchscreen controls that make every other car seem 10 years out of date, waking up with a "full tank" every morning and therefore never having to stand out in the cold and pump gas, warming up car with the app. Only downside so far: I have to drive my gas car when my wife takes the kids. Update: A year and a half later after purchase remain very happy with my decision. In fact, I do not plan to ever buy another gas car again. Just got a Model 3 so I no longer have to drive a gas car to work :) . Convinced electric is the future (and its a better future), but not many people know it or can afford it yet. One of the falcon wing doors developed a brief squeak during opening or closing that Tesla service made go away by adjusting the seals. Took our first real road trip to a Great Wolf lodge about 2 hours away. Stopped at a Supercharger for 20 minutes or so and got a cup of coffee and a donut at a bakery nearby. Car was charged up beyond what we needed by the time we returned. Long distance travel takes longer, but is a breeze with the in car app telling you where to charge and for how long. Charging at your destination if there is no supercharger takes some planning.
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