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    My dream car come true!

    Paul F., 05/22/2017
    2014 Jaguar F-TYPE
    If you're looking for a relatively exclusive, classy, fun to drive 2-seater sports car that gets attention without looking like you're having a mid-life crisis, the Jaguar F-Type must be on your shortlist. Especially in V8 configuration, you get Corvette-like performance but with classier styling over the track-focused Corvette and more exclusivity over the other usual offerings from … Porsche or BMW with similar performance. The F-Type is downright gorgeous with high quality fit and finish. Its 8-speed auto transmission is fast shifting and fun to drive aggressively (you really won't miss a manual) but the real fun is in the sound; everyone who rides with you will be smiling as much as you! Performance is near supercar status (in V8 guise) with the supercharged 5.0L engine rocketing to 0-60 at just under 4 seconds and a top speed north of 180 mph. The V8S RWD is tail-happy so you do have to make sure you are paying attention coming into high speed corners (newer versions like the AWD R help alleviate some of this). Steering response is smooth and immediate. Despite its performance focused suspension, the car still provides a relatively comfortable ride and getting to speed is just plain fun depending on how you want to drive it; think of the F-Type as a cross between a European-muscle car and GT cruiser. Electronics (especially the infotainment system) lags a little behind newer offerings but then I didn't buy the vehicle for infotainment; the real entertainment is in the driving experience as a whole back by the wonderful exhaust symphony. And, if you're patient, low mileage versions can be found at moderate prices (although that is relative too considering sticker prices are typically near or above six figures for a new one with the V8). If you can, find one with the Performance Pack (better seats, 20-inch wheels, bigger brakes with red calipers, etc.) and Vision Pack with Blind Spot Monitoring (to help with cross traffic, parking, and backing up since visibility over and around the car’s sumptuous curves is limited) along with other packs/upgrades that enhance the ownership, driving experience, and resale value. While long term reliability seems to be much improved offer previous Jaguar offerings, the F-Type is still relatively new so I also recommend investing in an extended warranty that can be purchased from your Jaguar dealership.
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