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Been trying to find an issue.. Can't seem to find one..

themanindbox, 09/15/2012
2dr Convertible
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I have been looking for faults.. I honestly cant find any. At 12 years old, the most that has been replaced is Tires, Plugs, A tie Rod End, and the drop links on both sides, and a few sets of bulbs.. That's about it.. Even the original speakers, and stock radio sounds good. The Top makes a little noise at 70+ which i think is just an adjustment. Other then that.. Honestly.. Just awesome!

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Janie's baby

Janie's baby, 03/31/2010
2dr Convertible
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I bought my MR2 for my 50th birthday as I always said that I would have a sports car by the time I was 50. I love my spyder! My only fault is the storage space but never the less I have been amazed at how much I can load into my car when going to the grocery. Everyone still stops to stare at my car. I probably need to sell but have not been able to do so yet. I just hate to give it up! I drove this car to work and back for 8 years and it has been parked for two only driving it when I want to feel special. It has been a joy and delight to drive and own.

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Mid Life Crisis Everyday Driver

ChuckHawley, 01/22/2006
2dr Convertible
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The Spyder has always grabbed my attention due to the look of the giant, Euro-styled headlights and it's no-fluff, sports car focus. Sure, it's impractical, with no luggage space to speak of, challenging entry/exit gymnastics, and lots of noise at freeway speeds. What I like is having a car with the maintenance requirements of a Corolla with the handling of a Lotus. My favorite roads are two lane highways where the combination of the excellent 5-speed gearbox, tight steering, and powerful brakes make every outing a joy. While I am quite tall, I have plenty of headroom and legroom, and the seats are comfortable for a two hour drive to the wine country.

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2000 MR-S

Mark Cookson, 07/24/2005
2dr Convertible
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These cars are excellent. The performance is great, the handling is even better, and you'll never get more looks from people with another car. One thing I do need to warn you about is the pre-catalytic converters for pre- 02's. They are known to go bad and will ruin the engine. The easiest remedy is to simply gut the pre-cats. Its most likely illegal to do but techincally wouldn't make the car fail emissions. It only takes away its LEV rating. I'd much rather lose that than my engine. Another route is to have an engine from 2002 up put in there as they don't seem to be affected. (disclaimer, I assume no liabilty if you gut the pre-cats. its easy to do but requires a bit of work.)

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Sweet, Fun, Great Value!

mrutz2, 03/15/2011
2dr Convertible
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I bought this car about a week ago after selling my 96 Cobra because I was tired of paying for 14mpg on premium fuel. I must say that even though it doesn't have the power that I'm used to its still a blast to drive, and you can push this thing hard through corners. When it finally does break loose, which is usually slight understeer surprisingly since it is rear wheel drive, it is easy to regain control. I average about 30mpg even with pushing the MR2 pretty hard a lot of the time. I expected it to get a little bit more attention than it has but owell.. If theres anything this car could use it would be a little more power. But it is still a really fun car to drive!

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