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2015 Subaru Legacy Video Review

  • This Subaru Legacy video review includes information about fuel economy, pricing, safety and its standard all-wheel-drive system. We also discuss interior space, what it's like to drive and how it compares to other family sedans. For more information, read the 2015 Subaru Legacy review.

    The Subaru Legacy was redesigned for 2015. It's now quieter, smoother and more comfortable in virtually every driving situation. Its suspension soaks up bumps with a reassuring, well-damped firmness and it stays impressively composed even on mid-corner bumps. Its handling also benefits from that standard all-wheel drive system that shunts power side to side for better grip. It definitely isn't a sport sedan, but it has a well-balanced competence that seems just right for this segment.

    The standard engine is a 175-horsepower flat-4 that's paired to a continuously variable transmission. Usually we complain about CVT's since they make a lot of noise and their power delivery is annoying ? revs constantly rise and fall, or soar sky-high like the car is stuck in first gear.

    The Legacy's, on the other hand, benefits from a lot of sound deadening and artificial shift points that mimic a regular automatic. At the same time, it still gets the efficiency benefits of a CVT. All-wheel drive is usually less efficient, but the Legacy's 30 mpg combined matches its front-wheel-drive competitors.

    The standard engine offers competitive acceleration, but if you're looking for more, you can add a 256-hp six-cylinder to the top-of-the-line 3.6R Limited trim.

    Inside, the Legacy has an absolute abundance of legroom front and back, along with plenty of head room. The trunk is average for the segment, though its opening is a bit narrow.

    Materials quality is comparatively average for the segment, but the armrests are squishy, most surfaces have a quality look and feel to them, and the touch-operated infotainment system is easy to use.

    Safety remains a Subaru priority. A rearview camera is standard, and all but the base model is available with a collision warning and automatic braking system that earned a Superior rating from the IIHS. It also received their best possible crash ratings.

    When you add in the fact that the Legacy is competitively priced and that no other family sedan offers such easy access to all-wheel drive, you have a car that should definitely be considered alongside any other midsize family sedan.

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