Track Testing in Scotland - 2008 Mercedes-Benz C300 Long-Term Road Test

2008 Mercedes-Benz 300-Class Long-Term Road Test

2008 Mercedes-Benz C300: Track Testing in Scotland

December 21, 2007

Mercedes-Benz C300 in Scotland -- Photo by James Riswick

Every one of our long-term test cars undergoes track testing just like all the short-term cars that pass through our garage doors. For LT cars, we test them at the beginning and end of their stay with us. For the Mercedes-Benz C300 Sport, we decided to test the car in Scotland...or at least that's what the weather was like at our testing facility (I could almost hear the bagpipes). It's the type of conditions the Scots refer to as "atmospheric" (versus the two other types, "miraculous" and "crap"). With a thick fog, constant mist and a chill in the air, we realized why none of the British car publications publish substantial track numbers -- they can't. With a wet track, the morning was literally a wash, and without one of those GMC Sierra track drier thingies, we had to wait for the sun.

When the track finally dried, the C300 managed very well. Continue reading for official numbers and video of the testing.

James Riswick, Associate Editor @ 3,780 miles

Fast & the Furious 5: Edinburgh Drift -- Photo by James Riswick


0-30 - 2.6 seconds
0-45 - 4.4 seconds
0-60 - 6.9 seconds
0-75 - 10.0 seconds
1/4 Mile (ET/MPH) - 15.3 seconds @ 91.5 mph

60-0 - 114 feet
30-0 - 29 feet

Chief Road Test Editor Chris Walton: For 0-60, "a little tire scratch was all it could muster at launch. However, it's quicker than I predicted and every upshift is nearly seamless at wide-open throttle." The brakes are "Trustworthy, firm, consistant, German."


0.89 G

Chris Walton: "Amazingly easy to maintain all the way around with zero steering input, only throttle. Gobs of grip and talkative steering."


67.6 mph

Chris Walton: "ESP is not off despite the button...ESP only intrudes when the driver is too hasty or sloppy. Great turn-in and grip-o-plenty. I only wish for less ESP and more power for an exit with a flourish."

In-car with Chief Road Test Editor Chris Walton.

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