Tell Me Why I'm Wrong - 2008 Mercedes Benz C300 Long-Term Road Test

2008 Mercedes-Benz 300-Class Long-Term Road Test

2008 Mercedes Benz C300: Tell Me Why I'm Wrong

August 13, 2008


There's a really cool web site that attempts to determine your gender by looking at web browsing habits.

I think you can do the same thing just using cars - for example, Mercedes Benz C300, BMW 1 series, Mini Cooper, Hyundai Veracruz and Toyota Yaris all seem to have a feminine slant. I've yet to see a guy driving any of these cars.

On the other hand, BMW M3, Audi A4, Nissan Altima and Chevy Tahoe have a certain boyish quality. The C Class is still fun and attractive - even though our long term car is not a C350 Sport, it never feels down on power. I'd get the C300 and save the money, then again I'm not a girl so I'd probably get another car altogether.

Brian Moody, Road Test Editor

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