DIY iPod Operator's Manual - 2008 Mercedes-Benz C300 Long-Term Road Test

2008 Mercedes-Benz C300: DIY iPod Operator's Manual

May 05, 2008

Eureka! In our last episode, our 2008 Mercedes-Benz C300's lack of an operator's manual entry on the subject of iPod use or clearly labelled buttonage had left many confounded. There just had to be more functionality from this dedicated iPod connection than we were seeing.

And indeed there is. The key to the whole thing is the small button on the right-hand side of the steering wheel with the telephone icon on it. Once you discover this little nugget, the dedicated iPod connection in the Merc goes from "This sucks!" to "Wow! This is great!" in 5.1 seconds.

Here then is our own Operator's Manual entry:

 Step 1: Connect your iPod to the hard-wired cord found in the glove compartment. Your iPod will be powered by this, and the screen will give control to the car, so you may as well close the door.

Step 1: Connect your iPod.

Step 2: Use COMAND to select

Step 2: Use COMAND to choose AUX as the source.

Step 3: Scroll left or right until

Step 3: Scroll left-right until "Audio" appears on the central speedometer display, then press "OK."

Step 4: Look here to see the song title display. The iPod will resume playing whatever track it was on before it was connected to the car.

Step 4: See track info here.

Step 5: The secret is to press the telephone hang-up button to access higher-level iPod functions.

Step 5: Press the telephone hang-up key under here (under my thumb) for iPod menus. The choices will temporarily override the track information in the central display.

Step 6: Press up and down here to scroll through genre, artist, podcast, etc. But make sure you begin less than 8 seconds after the last step. Press OK to select the desired menu item.

Step 6: Press up-down to scroll through the high-level menu choices, then press OK to select. Once in play mode, this will also switch between adjacent tracks.

Once you know what the telephone hang-up button on the right-hand side of the steering wheel does, the C300 iPod connection makes a whole lot more sense.

Dan Edmunds, Director of Vehicle testing @ 7,665 miles

PS: Enough iPod already. Next we'll talk about driving the beast.

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