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Cons's a SLEEPER folks!

3sons66, 04/11/2013
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Wife purchased this car because "it's sexy, looks like a Lexus, has more features than a Lexus, costs thousands less, has twice the warranty and offers a panoramic roof!".. Ok, can't argue with that. So with that she drove home a 2013 Hyper Silver with Black interior Azera with the optional "Tech Package" which gave her the HD Nav screen, Pano roof, heated/cooled seats, 550W Infinity sound system and a list of other features. I do have to say that I'm impressed! I've owned/driven 5-7 Series BMW's, Lexus ES, Toyota Avalon, Cadillacs and this car is truely amazing for the money. I can't believe they don't sell more of them. Quiet, smooth, enough power and SAFE - 9 Airbags including knees!

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Great MPG, luxury for less, awesome stereo

Adam, 08/31/2015
4dr Sedan (3.3L 6cyl 6A)
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I buy new cars about every 2 to 3 years, i get bored with them, i have had Lexus, BMW, Infiniti, Honda and Toyotas all good cars but nothing more, but the 2013 Azera had the look, paint color, nice looking wheels, plenty of leg room and back seat has a lot of room for adults not just kids, consistent mpg 21 city and 30 to 32 on interstate i normally set my cruise 5 above limit and leave it, a V6 with great passing power and merging is a breeze always has plenty of get up and go power very smooth six speed auto transmission never wanders looking for gears like my last Lexus did, the heated and cooled seats are great and work awesome also has rear heated seats that my kids love, what sold me on car was the Infinity car stereo plenty of bass and clear crisp music 550 watts sounds are amazing that come from this stereo satellite radio is works great unlike some past cars, and the quiet interior and great ride also surprised me, only thing that really bugged me is the fact that remote start is not on a $40,000 car, and have to pay over $300 a year for bluelink if i want remote start from a phone. The panoramic moon roof is very nice i never liked moon roofs before always thought they were to small but on this Azera its huge. The Navigation is a clear crisp picture not grainy like most, easy to use and read, the bluetooth for phone is very easy to use and setup. The trunk has enough room for 2 full size suit cases, 2 kids suit cases and a full size cooler and still have room in trunk. I have not noticed any difference in fuel octanes 87 or 91 engine always runs smooth and same mpg, unlike other cars i have had that say 87 octane is ok to use but run better and smoother on 91, I never thought i would ever drive or buy a Hyundai but dont knock it till you at least drive it, before i bought the Azera i test drove 2013 Lincoln MKZ and MKS, 2014 Lexus ES350, Infiniti m series, 2012 and 2013 Toyota Avalon, 2012 Nissan Maxima, 2012 Acura TL, 2013 Accord V6, 2014 Impala LTZ, and fell in love with a Azera features and comforts. Began experiencing problems around 50k new timing chains, timing chain tensioner, new cam phasers, oil leaks, misfires on numerous cylinders after that they finally decided to put in a new engine at 55k just got it back today so time will tell

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Loving my Azera!

bluebird79, 05/13/2014
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I absolutely love this car! I have the Smoke Grey Metallic w/ tech pkg. You rarely see it on the street unlike the Sonata which is everywhere. It's so much car for the money, perfect for business or a night out on the town. Loads of room and I am so glad that they included a 40/60 folding back seat as this does come in handy for those of us with kids. The leather is beautiful and the heated seats are great. Now for the critique: for a car of this price you should not have to subscribe to a service for remote start period Hyundai really dropped the ball with this one; it should be standard period! Also at 2500 miles I am still not getting the advertised mileage but I am getting closer.

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Snazzy Azzy

Livewiremd, 11/10/2017
4dr Sedan (3.3L 6cyl 6A)
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I am a previous owner of a new 2006 Azera Limited. That car was newly re-designed and different so I gave it a try .....with NO regrets! I still own that one and it is running trouble free at 160,000 miles with very minimal service of any type. I admit I sometimes skimped on oil changes too! When the newly designed 2012 model came out, I was so impressed by the "look" that I kept my eye on them. As an excuse to go shopping again, I gave my 2006 to my oldest and purchased a 2013 from a dealer with 44,000 miles. This car has it all! I looked and found a "midnight blue" which is spectacular! It actually looks like different colors depending on the angle of the sun. A bit hard to keep clean but it is beautiful and sets off the chrome accents around the car. The 2006 Azera came with the 3.8 L V6 while the 2013 has a 3.3 L GDI V6. The smaller engine seems almost as smooth and powerful as the larger but it has increased horse power and I can get 30 MPG highway at 80 MPH! The cabin is more like a jet airplane with great materials and feel. Seats are extremely nice and the AC cooled seats really give a nice effect when you're hot. There are a lot of options in this car and it took me a few weeks to learn them all. The technology package throws in the kitchen sink. The full size tinted panorama roof is IMPRESSIVE! This may overwhelm people who prefer more basic controls but I love them. The sound system is 550W and powerful. May think of upgrading the speakers. The car even has a cooled glove box!! One of my biggest complaints about the 2006 Azera was poor headlights, even with xenon bulbs. My 2013 has pure white HID low beams which really improve visibility. One thing to note is that in USA, a used Hyundai 100K mile warranty reduces to 60K but that still beats most makers and I had any warranty issues on the 2006 fixed immediately and for free every time. My main issues with the 2013 are (improved) but still numb feel at steering and road noise and feel on rough roads with the stock tires. If this car is as reliable as the 2006 then I will be back for a third Hyundai in the future. If you like to be unique and stand out in the crowd, and impress all who ride with you, this car has the most bang for the buck and can be found reasonably priced in the used market. This car is for someone who likes to be different from the crowd and I personally think the 2013 Azera looks better that the newer Hyundais or Genesis models. Update 11/2018 Car is still going strong after 1 year of ownership. I replaced the Hanook stock tires with Michelins and it really has made a difference for the better in handling and stopping on wet surfaces. The dreaded rough road noise still exists though but the tires were worth the extra cost. Total service costs for 1 year outside of normal oil changes was 175.00 for a new battery. Still NO regrets!

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Probably Best in Class

romil01, 04/10/2013
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In a class that includes cars such as the Toyota Avalon, Nissan Maxima, and Buick LaCrosse, the Azera is probably the best. I leased a 2013 Azera with Tech in Feb and have put about 2,500 miles on the car so far. The car is amazing, especially compared to the 2011 Sonata GLS base model I upgraded from. The base model Azera comes standard with features that you have to get pricey options packages on the competitors in order to have. The Tech package adds a lot of cool features as well. This car is very nice to drive and it stands out visually when placed next to its competitors. There aren't very many Azeras on the road so it is also relatively unique.

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