10 Cool Bits - 2009 Honda Fit Sport Long-Term Road Test

2009 Honda Fit Long-Term Road Test

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2009 Honda Fit Sport: 10 Cool Bits

March 12, 2009

2009 Honda Fit Sport tiles.jpg

Our 2009 Honda Fit Sport is all ate up with convenience features. Start crawling around this car, and you can't help but be impressed by the thoughtful tweaks and constant attention to space utilization and function. Start factoring in price, and it's almost hard to believe how much effort must have gone into the small details. If you're wondering why the staff keeps going on about the savvy features and keen engineering of this sub-$20K wonder, I'll point out 10 of the slickest.

2009 Honda Fit steering wheel.jpg

Few cars at any price point feature solid three-spoke steering wheels with perforated leather wraps and cruise, audio, and voice-activated nav controls at hand.

2009 Honda Fit shifter ball.jpg

The shifter ball is not leather, but its chunky size and super-grippy rubber coating make it fun to snap off shifts.

2009 Honda Fit Sport door pocket.jpg

Flying-buttress door pockets make access to short or tall items a breeze, and note the indent in the door to accommodate taller beverage containers.

2009 Honda Fit Sport armrest.jpg

An actual driver's armrest that's both solid and soft-skinned, which can be rotated and firmly stashed out of the way for gymkhana maneuvers.

2009 Honda Fit Sport mini wiper.jpg

How to get the last bits of that acre-size windshield clean? With this passenger-side canted mini-wiper, of course. Note the beveled indent in the windshield surround to accommodate the blade.

2009 Honda Fit Sport latch anchor.jpg

Safest place for a child's car seat is in middle of the rear seat, right?. How about a LATCH anchor for that position deftly cached into the roof above the cargo area.

2009 Honda Fit Sport ceiling seatbelt.jpg

What about a middle passenger in the rear seat? No problem, and the Fit provides a secure, out of the way binnacle for the shoulder strap when not in use.

fit fat mirror.jpg

Fat side-view mirrors (plus the cool front ports also sported by the Suzuki SX4 x-over) provide impressive lateral visibility.

2009 Honda Fit Sport bag hook.jpg

Each side of the cargo bay provides grocery bag hooks to prevent way-home omelets, with metal D-rings also haunting each corner of the cargo bay floor.

2009 Honda Fit Sport dash cupholder.jpg

The corner-dash cupholders (two of six cup spots in the front cabin) may be ripe to soda stain the instrument panel, but they're the perfect spot for your cell phone in hands-free mode.

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