Small Car, Big Storage - 2009 Honda Fit Long-Term Road Test

2009 Honda Fit Long-Term Road Test

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2009 Honda Fit: Small Car, Big Storage

March 25, 2009


As Steve Carell's Andy Stitzer said in The 40 Year Old Virgin, "I hope you've got a big trunk ... because I'm puttin' my bike in it." For today's special post, I've got the scoop on all the places you can store stuff in our 2009 Honda Fit. There's even an ultra-secret storage place you probably didn't know about.



2009 Honda Fit Sport dash cupholder.jpg

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Double gloveboxes: Neither is huge, but combined there's a respectable amount of storage space here. The uppper box is where the car's USB cable is, so typically you'll be putting your MP3 player in here. There's also a pen holder inside the upper box.

Storage shelf between the gloveboxes: I'm not sure what you'd put here, but it's here nonetheless. It's probably useful for the front passenger if you're going on a roadtrip.

Center front cupholders/storage bin:
Two main cupholders here plus a deep shelf. Given that each front passenger has three cupholders to choose from, this is a good, general-purpose area to throw stuff. I haven't been able to test the cupholders' effectiveness on holding large water bottles, though.

Dash-mounted cupholders: Master Seredynski already noted this earlier -- they're great for phones and, yes, chilling your favorite beverage given their location in front of the air vents. There's one on each side.




Center console: The Fit doesn't have a bin. Instead, it has two slots and two open pockets. Again, mostly general purpose usage here -- coins, snacks, maybe an MP3 player if you're running off the AUX jack. The slots might be useful for holding wallets.

Front door bins/bottle holders: A decent-sized bin that can actually hold fairly tall items thanks to its design. You won't be able to fit large water bottles in the holder, but smaller ones are fine.

Rear door bottle holders: One each for the rear doors.




Ultra-secret bin: It's located underneath the left-side rear passenger seat, which means it's not visible if the seat cushion is down. Good for small items that you want out of sight.

Rear map pocket: There's one located behind the front passenger seat.

Rear cargo area cubbie: It's an open bin on the right side of the cargo area. Might be good for a small first-aid kit.

The Fit is small but efficient with its space. That's what makes it cool.

Brent Romans, Senior Automotive Editor

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