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2012 Honda CR-V: Not a Fan of the Foot-Operated Parking Brake

July 12, 2012


I'm not opposed to foot-operated parking brakes.But I don't like having them in compact vehicles like ourlong-term 2012 Honda CR-V.

Thereason is thatthe footwell issmall tobegin with-- it's not very widenor very deep. Adding a foot-operatedparking brake doesn'thelp this situation.And with my long legs and relatively large feet, it's easy to trip on it getting into the CR-V if the parking brakes happens to be off (and therefore in the "up" position).

After I'm seated in the vehicle, the parking brake is still kind of a hazard. When thebrake isstill on, it'spretty much on exactlythe same plane as the brake pedal (and in the way of the dead pedal), so the first thing I do when I get seated is to take theparking brake off... I'd rather just keepmyfoot on themain brake pedal(if necessary) while doing stuff likeentering an address in the nav system. Yet, even in the brake's off position,I'll still sometimes catch my foot on it while getting settled to drive.

Parking brake off:


Parking brake on:


Once I'm actually driving, I make a point of keeping my foot well enough away... it's not a big deal and I can still use the dead pedal as I normally would. It's just that with the foot-type parking brake, the footwell is more confining than it otherwise would be.

And although I like the big center console storage box, I'd be willing to trade it for a slightly smaller box just to make room for a hand-operated parking brake. Another option, of course, would be aspace-savingelectronic parking brake, but Honda's not a company that throws in those kind of lazy-man conveniences.


And so in automatic-equipped cars, what's your preference... foot-operated parking brake, hand brake or electronic parking brake?

Erin Riches, Senior Editor @ 2,522 miles

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