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reliable and quality

z_auto, 12/31/2012
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I have a 2001 GMC Yukon Denali. I am the second owner having bought it at 35k miles. Now at 180k miles, the only items I have replaced are the water pump at 125k, rear evaporator at 170k and fuel pump at 178k & a few interior switches: brakes, tires and shocks as needed. Otherwise, just regular maintenance of all fluids. I use synthetic fluids exclusively; oil every 7-8k miles, trans fluid change every 50k, differentials, ps, brake fluid at 100k., brakes, shocks and other wear items. I average 14 MPG city/suburban driving and 16-17 MPG highway. Long term ownership costs even including gas have made this an economical vehicle.

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5.3 L GMC Yukon SLT

brandon, 04/18/2009
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Overall, a pretty good SUV... The 5.3 V8 gives you the horsepower you want. Gas mileage is the only downside, I average 14 with heavy city driving. I previously owned a 2004 Avalanche with the 5.3 V8 and I averaged 16.7, and I wish that my Yukon averaged that, because I was happy with 17. I recently replaced my O2 sensors (rear), as they were going bad, and improved my gas mileage by 2 MPG. I think I am going to get a K&N high-flow air filter. I had it on my truck, and I improved my gas mileage by about 1.5-2 MPG. I also noticed a little bit of a performance increase. Summary: Great car, just wish it got better gas mileage.

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6 years later and i still love it

brian, 06/25/2007
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I love the interior with its attention to detail. The exterior just commands attention and it has plenty of power. I pull a 6200 lb. camper with ease. In 136,437 miles I’ve had two problems. One with the drive line ($500) and the other with the air conditioner ($900). And the Bose system is one of the best factory sound systems that I have ever heard.

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Wouldn't get another GMC

Julie1, 07/08/2002
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This is the worst vehicle I've ever had. In 15 mos of ownership its gotten 2 new sunroof switches, a new sunroof, a new clock, new radio, new controls in console for rear seat passengers, and has been in for several electrical probs. The dealership has been very accommodating and certainly embarassed. I spoke with the area rep who made it out to be my fault and said these problems could occur in any make of vehicle. I've owned lots of different makes and have never had this many problems. I'm just waiting for the next thing to go wrong.

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SE Kansas Review

Murph, 02/26/2005
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We have not had any major mechanical problems with this vehicle. Interior light lenses on the doors all came off and had to be re-glued. Replaced hoses, belts, oil changes, etc., at intervals recommended. We are not an off-road family, but took it across the forest roads of Colorado, which made me thankful we had a 4x4. This was a really fun trip. The GMC is worth the extra $500 or so over the Tahoe.

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