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2015 Ford Mustang Video Review

  • This Ford Mustang video review covers the all-new Mustang coupe and convertible. We include information about the base V6 model, the V8-powered Mustang GT and the new EcoBoost four-cylinder turbo. We discuss horsepower, fuel economy, handling, interior design and the new independent rear suspension. For more information, read the 2015 Ford Mustang review.

    The Ford Mustang has been given a complete overhaul. There's new styling with a dramatic fastback look. The interior has softer materials and fancy switches. And the rear suspension has finally stepped up to modern times with a fully independent setup.

    Now, studying our Edmunds performance numbers might lead you to believe the new Mustang is hardly any better, since acceleration and handling are quite similar between old and new. Don't be fooled: This new Mustang is a far better car, inside, outside, and most important, on the open road.

    A 300-horsepower V6 remains the Mustang's base engine, but the mid-level engine is now a turbocharged four-cylinder, the first of its kind in a Mustang since the SVO of the mid-1980s. This new EcoBoost makes 310 horsepower, along with an EPA-rated 26 mpg combined. But it doesn't serve up any real passion, with a fairly nondescript engine and exhaust soundtrack.

    If it's passion you crave, you'll need to step up to the GT and its 5.0-liter V8. For 2015 it's been massaged to produce 435 horsepower. This is a truly sweet engine, with a rumbly exhaust and smooth power everywhere on the tach. Any of the engines can be paired with a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic with paddle shifters.

    After years of trudging along with a solid rear axle, the new independent rear suspension means not only has the Mustang finally joined the 21st century, but it can actually handle mid-corner bumps without skittering across the pavement. It's even more precise with the optional Performance package, which makes it well-suited to attacking curvy back roads. You sacrifice some ride quality because of this stiffer setup, but the improved handling is worth it as the stock car feels a bit sloppy by comparison.

    The interior is also a big step forward, with a modern design, some unique-to-Mustang controls on the center stack and easy-to-read gauges. We highly recommend the optional Recaro sport seats that provide lots of lateral support for taking corners with some enthusiasm, yet are comfortable enough for all-day road trips.

    The downside to the sleek new fastback styling is pitiful rear-seat headroom. Seriously, adults simply can't fit back there, whereas the Dodge Challenger can fit two people in the rear seat comfortably.

    But let's be honest: The Mustang isn't about backseat room. It's about driving. And being seen. And those things it does well. And hey, if you really care about being noticed, you can get the Mustang as a convertible.

    Coupe or convertible, turbo-four or V8, this new version is without question the nicest-driving, most refined and best-looking Mustang to come along in years.

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