2009 Ford Flex - Edmunds Ratings

2009 Ford Flex Limited (3.5L V6 AWD 6-speed Automatic)
Date Driven: 9/18/2008
Performance Standard Duratec V6 engine runs smooth and provides adequate acceleration and passing power. Those who need more can opt for a considerably more powerful turbocharged EcoBoost V6.
Driving Dynamics The Flex's lower seat and roofline reduces the sensation of body roll compared to minivans, and it goes down the highway straight and true. It's stable in corners, but there's a certain heft to it that favors a sedate pace.
Ride Comfort Our Flex Limited soaks up bumps admirably and doesn't float or wallow. The seats are soft and supportive over long distances.
Quietness There's a bit of road noise and a touch of wind noise, but not enough to be objectionable. The Duratec engine doesn't make the most pleasing sound under load, but it isn't overloud.
Ergonomics For the most part, the interior controls in the 2009 Flex are quite easy to use and understand. The driving position suffers from the lack of a telescopic steering wheel, though. (Rectified in 2010 and beyond.)
Visibility The boxy shape of the Flex results in a lot of large rectangular windows and few real blind spots. It's not high enough to create poor rearward visibility, but the driver still has a good view ahead.
Seat Access & Space The Flex has a unique door sill design that eases entry, and the seats are neither too high or too low. There's plenty of room for adults in all rows and the second row moves aft for a limo experience. Could use a sliding door, though.
Cargo & Storage A deep well behind the third row provides space with full seating, and all rows fold flat with ease. The lower roofline limits ultimate capacity, but there's still a lot of flexible space to work with.
Build Quality Our Limited has nicely made leather seats, but some of the interior bits look a bit too plasticky. Generally solid, but there is room for improvement.
Towing The standard 3.5 Duratec engine isn't particularly tow-ready, but the optional EcoBoost V6 is quite stout and rates much higher.

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