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I love my

ymilsis, 12/28/2006
3 of 3 people found this review helpful cute, I adore it. The performance, fuel economy, different look and more. I love all about it. She is an original! I always had luxurious European cars with big engines. I also spent lots of money for them. With P.T. I get the same pleasures for a lot less money. It is not as powerful engine as my previous cars, but I cant ask for more. Still, it is fast when you need to get out of the way, and that is what counts! With P.T. I am getting luxury and economy all in one cute little funky wagon! P.T. is a great women car! I am a female professional and P.T. makes me look good.

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Looks were deceiving.... VERY disappointed

l8dybg79, 08/04/2011
3 of 3 people found this review helpful

PLEASE reconsider if you are wanting to buy a PT. I bought my '06 used, but only 11 months old & very few miles. I have had a lot of AC problems, heater core, wheels, brakes, and tire problems. AND the back door lock doesn't work (gets stuck locked) until you manually unlock it... a pain when you have kids. It handled well on snow/ice. But that about the only positive thing I can think about it. The biggest complaint I have is the 18-19 mpg! And thats driving 20 miles highway to & from work every day! WHAT A GAS HOG!!!! NOT WHAT THEY SAY IT GETS. And.. I keep up with the maintenance... oil changes, etc. I would definitely reconsider buying a PT Loser!

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2006 PT CRUISER-Van automatic!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

candilovs4u, 09/21/2012
4 of 5 people found this review helpful

I am in love with this Car!!! It is extremely comfortable and feels very safe and secure. The build and design seems to be very sturdy. It rides smooth, and very spacious. I haven't had any problems with it so far. I have seen a few reviews about mileage complaints but so far its doing great on gas. It's stylish, comfortable, and most importantly affordable for me. I am most definitely happy about this decision.

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PT Cruiser

Debbie, 09/19/2006
4 of 5 people found this review helpful

I'm disappointed with the power and the fuel economy. I had a 6 cylinder car, so I thought I would sacrifice the power for better mileage, but I didn't get better mileage.

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Very Disappointed

Mom buying for daughter, 09/19/2018
Touring 4dr Wagon (2.4L 4cyl 5M)
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We bought a 2006 Touring PT Cruiser last March. It has had nothing but constant repair. Radiator fan, then the radiator, then hoses, then control arm and bearing - now rear sway bar. I swear, we've paid more in repairs at this point than we paid for the car. So very disappointed!

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177,000 Miles Later

bacon777, 06/22/2012
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I bought this car in 2007 as a used car and got my moneys worth. I just passed the 177,000 mark and have had no serious issues but decided to trade it in after I started having my first mechanical problems. The thermostat went bad and then the heater core followed so instead of paying 800 to fix it, I decided it was time to trade it in, but 177,000 miles without any mechanical issues is impressive. Drives nice, was reliable, and fairly inexpensive but parts can be constly. I was told because it uses Mercedes parts as Mercedes owned Chrysler. Also, you have to deal with the ridicule of driving a PT Cruiser but if you're an older lady, you shouldn't have that problem

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What was I thinking?

What was I thinking?, 10/18/2008
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I have a 2006 PT. The gas mileage is robbing me blind. I had only had the car for 4 months when the air condition may the car run hot. I would have to pull over for it to cool off. I was stuck out of town when it first happened. I missed 2 day of work. The steering wheel shakes. I've had the tires rotated and aligned. I say it at least once a day that I hate this car.

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Don't Buy American

Rhodes, 03/31/2009
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I so want to support American-made cars....but when the builders don't support the buyers...there is a problem. HOW TO CLEAN THE SEATS: Use Woolite Oxyclean removes all stains and makes the seats look new again. I've had this car at the dealership too many times (thank God I have a warranty). Would not recommend this car to consumers. Overpriced new...and taking a BIG chance buying it used. Lastly, it's a gas guzzler.

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GT Turbo

Michael, 09/11/2005
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This PT is fun to drive and has more than enough power. Gas mileage is not great but respectable. Handles good on the highway. Manufacturer paid a lot of attention to detail and it shows. Turning radius needs to be corrected, cannot make a u turn and expect not to hit curbs. Needs light in glovebox and under the hood. Owner's manual should be for each model instead of multi-models.

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Base Convertible is an amazing value

Kasia, 09/24/2005
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I purchased my '05 base convertible for less than $18K. It now has 19,000 miles on it. It is far better built, better looking, and better performing than its modest price would suggest. I average about 28 mpg in mostly highway driving, but the mpg drops dramatically in city cycle driving. Caveats for winter drivers: "SmartGlass" windows freeze in cold weather, and the side defoggers are weak for harsh winter conditions. Overall, a great value!

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