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Fun car

Joe, 10/04/2010
GTC 2dr Convertible
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I bought my Lebaron with 98,000 miles and now have 149,000. It has been a great car and I have replaced parts mostly out of precaution. I do an average of 40 to 50,000 miles a yr. The oil gets changed every 3 to 4 weeks. If you can find one with the 3.0 V6 go for it and enjoy it.

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Wouldn't quit

mr.Devon, 11/08/2010
GTC 2dr Convertible
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i bought this car as my first car during high school. it had 163k miles on it. still looked decent. i put this car through hell! weekly trips to the beach, hours of driving. this car refused to die! after 2 months it started blowing serious smoke, head gasket. kept driving! just added oil every other week. the convertible was nice in SoCal., i definately drove the car with style. not too many out there, def. a head turner. if you have the chance to get one with lower miles get it, it will run forever, even on its dieing leg it can still be sold and continue on the road.

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Good Car, but treat her nice

DeCaY, 01/09/2010
Landau 4dr Sedan
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LeBaron was my first car. I got with 88,000 miles on it. Its a good car, and is extremely comfortable. I almost didn't mind traffic. Good performance and very good gas mileage which I didn't expect, but that baby won't die in a pinch, and weather never effected it. Not too fast, I topped out at 94, which is still not too bad. Watch out for Serpentine Belt, and Transaxle gasket leaks. If you can get a nice one for 2,000 or lower I very much encourage you to do so.

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I love it, even though it's not great

Night rider, 04/11/2002
GTC 2dr Convertible
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I bought my car my senior year in high school, even though my dad thought it was a bad idea. I loved it, until my transmission went out, then the oxygen sensor went bad, and so forth. It stalls once in a while, but it's cute, and that's all that mattered to me. It's fast, it's a convertible, I thought it was great. Today, I would not have bought it, and occasionally I regret my decision. I know owe more than what it's worth. So trying to get rid of it will be hard.

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Not a bad ride at all

Dustin, 07/16/2008
GTC 2dr Convertible
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Bought this car from a retired couple who bought it brand new in 94 and stored it every winter. Paid $2200 for it with 87,000 miles in great condition. 2 years, 2 winters and 16,000 miles later, it's still going strong with no major maintenance (other than oil and such). However, the winters have taken their toll on it. I use it as a work car and it gets me their every day with no major issues. Check Engine light pops up every now and then (O2 sensor), and idles kinda low when warm (hangs around 400 rpm), and the 3.0 L Mopar engine loses its power significantly when A/C is on (Illinois summers are atrociously humid, so top stays up). MPG is around 23 hwy, not bad for an American V6.

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