Love/Hate - 2010 Chevrolet Traverse Long-Term Road Test

2010 Chevrolet Traverse Long Term Road Test

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2010 Chevrolet Traverse: Love/Hate

January 05, 2011


Curious to see what actual owners of the 2010 Chevrolet Traverse thought of the car, I browsed the Edmunds forums. There, I came across two camps: "Happy With Traverse" and "I hate my Traverse."

The negative camp seems to overwhelm the positive with its 40 comments versus the 13, but keep in mind that one of the commenters, as decided by the other forum members, had an ulterior motive for going off on the Traverse.


"I am surprised how easy it is to drive and back up, and it's also easy to park."

"I do love the way it handles as it is peppy and has a short turning radius."

"I love the turning radius - so much easier to park than my Uplander was."

"The Traverse went right around them all through the deepest of the snow and never spun a wheel!"

"it is a nice comfortable ride & is very roomy."

"GREAT VEHICLE !! Lots of room,cargo space and towing capacity for a midsized CUV/SUV."

"Coming on 8 month of ownership... and im shy of hitting 11,000 miles. No issues with mine. Trans shifts nicely. no weird noises, build quality is great, interior trim lines up."

"On long trips with passengers and cargo- up to 24 MPG."

"I have an 09 Traverse LTZ, now with about 22,000 miles. Has been a very dependable car."

"to all, i just came over from the nissan murano cvt message board. for those of you who hate their suv, go there and get a dose of reality."

"I just got back from a trip to the airport, 125 miles with cruise set at 58 and got 27.1 MPG...amazing!!"

"Made trip to Disney in Orlando from Virginia w 4 passengers onboard. Everyone enjoyed the ride and 2 rear buckets w overhead Entertainment Center."

"Ladies - big purses are in style but there is no place to put them!"


"As soon as it got cold here, I got various computer messages such as 'check airbags,' engine light or the doors not locking but the worst was the vehicle not starting when I was 100 miles from home"

"i find i have to press down harder on the gas to get some power when at highway speeds."

"Kind of amusing that over half the posts in the 'Happy with my Traverse' thread are about problems with the Traverse."

"I regret buying this vehicle every day."

"City/Highway MPG 12.4, WTF way below the so deceptive sticker 17 City and 24 Highway."

"You are smart to do your research BEFORE buying, I'm actually thinking of selling this POS at only 4200miles."

"I expected to get the posted MPG but not worst then my over 13 year old vehicle that i traded in."

"I'm still getting only 12 MPG City driving MUCH lower then their hype of 17 MPG on sticker and GM commercials with ex Football player Howie Long."

"Only complaint (which is minor) is that the transmission sometimes goes 'gear hunting' when speeding up quicky after decelerating (like when merging into traffic between two highways). However, for me, this was mostly a matter of getting used to the peculiarities of the vehicle and adjusting accordingly."

Just for the record, back at our 10,000-mile mark, we reported that we hadn't had any problems with the Traverse.

Caroline Pardilla, Deputy Managing Editor

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