2012 Chevrolet Camaro - Edmunds Ratings

2012 Chevrolet Camaro SS (6.2L V8 6-speed Manual w/2SS)
Date Driven: 8/20/2010 (2010 2SS V8 manual)
Performance Strong V8 engine. Six-speed manual transmission and clutch are easy to shift, and the pedal placement makes for easy to heel-and-toe downshifting.
Driving Dynamics Steering and handling are well-balanced. Our SS model wears 20-inch summer performance tires, so it sticks well in corners and stops confidently in a short distance.
Ride Comfort The Camaro SS rides acceptably most of the time, though the large wheels and tries can clomp about on rough pavement.
Quietness It comes down to this: the Camaro SS makes a lot of engine noise, most of the time. If you like hearing your powerful V8 engine, it's great. If you want peace and quiet, look elsewhere.
Ergonomics The controls start out well by being in the right position, within easy reach. But the stylists screwed many of them up by adding too much retro. These include the speedo and tach, the HVAC controls and that cluster of too-low secondary gauges.
Visibility High rear haunches and small glass area make it hard to see out the back, and the rear three-quarter blind spots are big. Things are not helped by the small, oddly-shaped mirrors and the lack of a back-up camera.
Seat Access & Space A low roofline means you have to stoop down to get in, but once inside there's plenty of front-seat legroom. The rear seat is very tight and the front seats don't automatically slide forward to provide access. Other coupes do this better.
Cargo & Storage While the trunk isn't exactly small, the trunk opening is tiny and slotlike. It's hard to make use of what the Camaro has. Inside, there are few storage bins of any size, and the shallow cupholders are best left empty when shifting.
Build Quality Good paint and exterior gaps, but the interior materials tend to feel a bit too plasticky and the overall feel (beyond the retro styling) is very simple and monochromatic.

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