Road Trip - 2012 Volvo S60 T5 Long-Term Road Test

2012 Volvo S60 Long-Term Road Test

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2012 Volvo S60 T5: Road Trip

August 09, 2011

SM to Yountville 010-1600.jpg

I programmed the S60's next destination and settled into a day of mindless driving; lots of driving. Click through to see what sort of things I saw along the way and how accurate the onboard fuel economy calculator is. Also, there's a sneak peak at what awaited me 405 miles to the North.

As I approached our parking garage's wooden arm, the S60 nailed the brakes and threw up an array of flashing red lights on the windshield. Yes, thank you City Safety, but I wasn't even even close.

SM to Yountville 013-1600.jpg

After getting out of town, I really settled into what amounted to most of my day: about 300 miles looks the same as this snap shot of mind-numbing arrow-straight Interstate 5. I found Sirius radio has a "Book" channel, but I didn't like the book. Back to News.

SM to Yountville 018-1600.jpg

Luckily, there's an oasis about half way, The Harris Ranch restaurant -- pricy, but better than fast food and cleaner too.

SM to Yountville 025-1600.jpg

After lunch, a quick check on my progress... Yup, almost exactly half way.

SM to Yountville 031-1600.jpg

and who else likes to stop at Harris Ranch? Time to hit the road!

SM to Yountville 027-1600.jpg

Here are some more snap shots from along the way... cows, windmills, a road sign, and finally, my freeway exit:

SM to Yountville 037-1600.jpg SM to Yountville 041-1600.jpg

SM to Yountville 045-1600.jpg SM to Yountville 047-1600.jpg

Almost exactly 7 hours later, I found Kelly's Fuel in Yountville, CA and recorded the fill-up: 404.1 miles and 15.77 gallons of (premium) fuel calculates to 25.6 miles per gallon -- not quite the 28.7 the car reported.

SM to Yountville 051-1600.jpg

SM to Yountville 054-1600.jpg

So what did I learn? The S60 T5 is a fine road trip companion. The seat is plenty comfy for at least 3-4 hours, the tank will take you at least twice that far (even if your bladder won't), and I really appreciated the adaptive cruise control when the left-lane dawdlers didn't move to the right when I came up behind them. It's nice to leave the cruise control on, follow at what Volvo has programmed as a safe distance, then resume the set "target" speed once the car (finally) moves aside. There's no need to hit "resume." I also noticed that even if somebody dove in front of the S60 (so long as that car was accelerating), the S60 didn't dynamite the brakes to open up the safe-distance following.

Okay, so here's your hint for the reason I would drive our long-term S60 T5 404 miles up I-5...

SM to Yountville 083-1600.jpg

Chief Road Test Editor, Chris Walton @ 3,354 miles

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