2011 Toyota Sienna Long Term Road Test - MPG

2011 Toyota Sienna Long Term Road Test

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2011 Toyota Sienna SE: Snappy

September 09, 2011


I just spent 10 days in our long-term Odyssey moving shelving, couches, rugs and all sorts of other stuff between houses. During that time I became intimately familiar with that van's dynamics. So when the car board came around yesterday I figured this was a good time to get a back-to-back comparison with the Sienna.

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2011 Toyota Sienna: Fuel Economy Update

April 04, 2011

Thumbnail image for Toyota Sienna at Bergamot.jpg

I was out of the office Friday when Caroline did the fuel economy update, so the numbers included there were out of date! I know, right? What a crock.

But rest assured, here are your monthly fuel economy numbers for one Edmunds Long-Term 2011 Toyota Sienna SE.

Best: 26.3 mpg
Worst: 14.7 mpg (interestingly, Dan Edmunds got these one after the other)

Lifetime average: 20.0
EPA combined: 20 (How about that!)

Best range: 421.6 miles
Most fuel: 18.591 gallons (20 max)

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2011 Toyota Sienna SE: Fuel Economy Update

January 25, 2011


Our 2011 Toyota Sienna was out on the road during our last monthly fuel economy update, so here's a quick snapshot of its performance so far:

Average Lifetime MPG: 20.4

Worst Fill MPG: 14.7

Best Fill MPG: 26.3

Best Range: 421.6 (20 gallon tank)

EPA Rating: 18/24 City/Highway

Kelly Toepke, News Editor @ 5,614 miles

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2011 Toyota Sienna SE: Oregon Return Trip Wrapup

January 04, 2011


It's over. We're home from Oregon and the Sienna is back in the IL garage, extremely dirty and waiting for the carwash to open for a final bath.

Near-constant heavy rain and a bit of snow kept us indoors much of the time, but the roads were clear and dry for much of the 850-mile drive home, which we did in one 15-hour day.

This being the same holiday for many others, a lot of people were out there on Interstate-5 with us. That had a beneficial effect on fuel economy because it kept the prevailing speed down to 65-70 mph. As we neared LA, the Google traffic map on my wife's new Droid phone lit up red like I've never seen before, so we made a detour through the high desert, 50 miles longer but clean and green at 60 mph most of the way. The result: 26.3 mpg on a tank that lasted 421.6 miles.

Overall, we averaged 23.0 mpg over the up-and-back highway portion and got 17.8 mpg in our single in-town Oregon tank. The overall trip average works out to 22.2 mpg.

Here's a summary of our final impressions:

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