Will the Boards Fit? - 2011 Toyota Sienna Long-Term Road Test

2011 Toyota Sienna: Will the Boards Fit?

December 25, 2011

IMG_2643.jpg While you can never hope for a White Christmas in Southern California (except for maybe in the local mountains), one of the cool things about celebrating the holiday So Cal style is heading to the beach after opening presents. And hitting the waves if you're a surfer. It was a Christmas tradition in my family for years when we lived in LA, before moving way up the coast and too far from the beach to make it a quick trip.

I was nostalgically thinking about this Christmas ritual while doing a year-end organizing of digital pics and came across this one from last summer, when Dan Frio and I took the Sienna for a surf at Malibu.

I knew my friend's 9'5' Tyler fit in our long-term 2011 Honda Odyssey Touring, and the Sienna does have a factory rack with cross rails. But rather than bothering with strapping the boards to the top, my 10-foot beater longboard and Dan's 9'2" fit snugly down the center, with a few inches to spare.

No wonder you see so many minvans at surf spots along the California coast, especially belonging to the old dudes more mature surfers. But as grizzled surf journo Rob Gilley points out in "Ode to the Man Van," minivans are the most functional urban surf vehicles on the road -- age and image be damned.

And if a Sienna is good enough for Mavericks charger and "Brawny Towel Man" Grant Washburn, it's good enough to transport me and Frio to two-foot Malibu.

Doug "Dreaming of a White Water Christmas" Newcomb, Senior Editor, Technology


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