What A Minivan Does To You As A Parent - 2011 Toyota Sienna Long-Term Road Test

2011 Toyota Sienna: What A Minivan Does To You As A Parent

December 21, 2011


Four-year-old girl. Eight-month-old boy. Wife. Two large suitcases. One medium suitcase. One small suitcase. One garment bag. Portable crib. Space heater. Two cardboard boxes full of Christmas presents. One large cooler. One medium cooler. About six tote/reusable grocery bags full of various things. Pack of diapers. Diaper bag. Two duffel bags. Laptop bag. Two backpacks. Two pillows. (And a partridge in a pear tree.)

sienna_cargo2.jpg This was all for a nine-day holiday trip to my in-law's house yesterday. (Yes, nine days. Kill me now.) It seemed like a polar expedition with all this stuff. Just give me some sledding dogs and I would have renamed our Sienna the Endurance.

The Sienna performed admirably. And having so much space available behind the second row meant I didn't have to pack above the beltline or on the roof. Still, something smaller would have meant less space for stuff. Or maybe I need more kids to force my wife to pack more lightly.

Brent Romans, Senior Automotive Editor

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