2011 Toyota Sienna vs Odyssey as Moving Van

2011 Toyota Sienna vs Odyssey as Moving Van

May 17, 2011


I'm in the process of moving and I had to transport a few bits of unneeded furniture to the Great Kelly Toepke Garage Saleapolooza 2011 that'll be taking place this weekend. While I used the Odyssey last time around for moving a whole heap of boxes, I took the Sienna this time to compare how it does as a moving van.

ToyotaSiennaSecondRow.jpg Simply put, I think it's superior. First, the second row center seat portion is easy to remove and there's a place to put it. Second, the second row seats have a greater range of sliding motion. Though the Odyssey's seats can slide just as far forward as the Sienna's, they do so for third-row access and then don't lock in place once in its forwardmost position. This is not only good for moving things, but I'd also think it would be good for keeping a kid locked in a child seat within closer arms reach for the administration of a sippy cup or whatever.

The Sienna's second row also slides much further rearward. This is not only good for "locking" big items in place (like my old chest of Ikea drawers), but for long-legged dudes who'd still be OK with somone administering a sippy cup to him (what, do you like spilling all over yourself? No, didn't think so).

Of course, the Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country have Stow 'N Go, which is clearly superior for hauling stuff. Plus, the Stow 'N Go seats are no longer only slightly more comfortable than lawn furniture. They do limit front seat legroom, however.

James Riswick, Automotive Editor @ 11,815 miles

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