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2012 Toyota Prius c Review

  • This 2013 Toyota Prius C video review talks about this popular hybrid model's fuel economy, price, comfort and safety. We also discuss its features, cargo space and how it compares to other subcompact hatchbacks and hybrids.

    A hybrid is an obvious choice if fuel economy is your No. 1 priority, but the up-front cost is usually high. The Toyota Prius C bucks that trend. It gets big mpg numbers and it's priced right in line with other budget hatchbacks.

    The Toyota Prius C is rated 53 city/46 highway/50 combined mpg. Impressive ratings indeed, and we've had no trouble duplicating them in our normal driving. This is what really sets the Prius C apart from similarly sized hatches that don't come close to 50 mpg.

    Granted, the Prius C is a little slower than most of its competitors, especially when you're trying to pass on the highway. But it's not so pokey that you couldn't commute to work in it. And although it's a small car, it's plenty safe: the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety named it a Top Safety Pick.

    Compared to the original Toyota Prius, the C is steadier going around turns and feels more connected to the road. If your local roads are in bad shape, though, you might find the ride too firm for comfort.

    Pricing starts just under $20,000. If you check off every option, you'll land a bit past $25,000. The not-quite-loaded Prius C in this video costs about $23,000.

    Inside, it's sleek and modern, but the materials are nothing to write home about. Many other subcompacts are nicer. The driving position is a bit weird, but you'll get used to the center-mounted gauges. The control layout is simple, though we've complicated it by ordering the navigation system with Toyota's Entune interface. There's a lot of functionality here for smartphone users, but setting up Entune takes too many steps.

    There's enough headroom and legroom to accommodate someone 6-foot-4 in back, and the rear seats fold down for bigger hauling tasks. Cargo capacity is on par with other small hatchbacks.

    No economy hatch will ever be perfect, but the Toyota Prius C makes an ideal commuter car, whether you're looking for a hybrid or not.

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