2012 Subaru Legacy - Edmunds Ratings

2012 Subaru Legacy 3.6R (3.6L 6-cyl. AWD 5-speed Automatic)
Date Driven: 9/20/2011 (2011 Legacy 3.6R)
Performance The Legacy 3.6R isn't slow, but it isn't exactly quick, either. The flat-six is smooth, but makes quite a bit of racket when wound out. Throttle is abrupt in stop-and-go traffic. Slow-shifting but smooth automatic. We averaged 21.5 mpg.
Driving Dynamics A lack of grip from the tires adversely affect skidpad and slalom numbers. The Legacy's steering is quick, but doesn't offer much feel. The suspension is overly soft with lots of body roll. Mushy brake pedal doesn't give confidence.
Ride Comfort What's odd is that the Legacy 3.6R's roll-happy chassis doesn't return anywhere near the cushy ride you'd expect. You definitely feel harsh bumps and the suspension seems underdamped. Luckily the Legacy has very comfortable front seats.
Quietness The Legacy has less than average sound insulation, as all manner of tire drone and flap enters the cabin. Wind noise is low, the little bit there is coming from the side mirrors. The flat-six only gets offensive at full throttle.
Ergonomics Excellent, upright driving position. The seat is just low enough. Normal-sized, easy-to-read analog gauges without an overabundance of red hash marks. Climate control buttons are clearly labeled. Stereo knobs could use stronger detents.
Visibility The view out the front is very good due to the excellent driving position and thin A-pillars. Large C-pillars leave a large blind spot, especially the right rear 3/4 view. The optional rear camera helps with parking situations.
Seat Access & Space Very good leg room front and rear, plentiful front head room (despite the optional sunroof). Getting in and out up front is a breeze. Wide doors help at the rear, but sloping roof hinders. Good rear foot room and plush center armrest.
Cargo & Storage Good-sized door pockets. Front bin has grippy coating. Large center armrest bin. No map pocket behind driver's seat, flimsy net on passenger side. Eight cupholders, center console ones with anti-tip. Trunk opening could be wider.
Build Quality Doors close with a solid thunk, except for the trunk, which sounds tinny. Fuel filler flap feels cheap and the high level of road noise makes you question the car's solidity. Excellent plastic graining, but needs more soft-touch pieces.

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