2011 Porsche 911 - Edmunds Ratings

2011 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS (3.8L 6-cyl. 6-speed Manual)
Date Driven: 11/30/2010
Performance This primordial Porsche flat-6 engine now makes 408 hp without turbocharging. Good for a 4-sec run to 60 mph. New-era engine tuning also offers more torque over broader rev range and 26 mpg on the highway. PDK transmission is magical.
Driving Dynamics Though not as wicked as it once was, the rear-engine 911 demands skill and deserves respect. Once mastered, few cars are as rewarding to drive; dynamic responses improve the harder it is driven. Tire choice dramatically alters behavior.
Ride Comfort Honestly, if you're looking for a comfortable ride, this is not a car you should consider. That said, the two-position driver-adjustable dampers offer hard and harder firmness selections.
Quietness Despite the high-performance nature of the 911, there's virtually no wind noise and tire noise only becomes apparent on wide-aggregate or grooved surfaces.
Ergonomics With regard to fundamentals (seating position, control reach, HVAC logic, pedals/shift levers, etc.), the 911 is fine. Once we examine infotainment (nav, audio systems, etc.), then 911 is lacking. Panamera's influence is needed here.
Visibility With the exception of needing to learn how to spot spoiler-threatening cement parking stops, the 911 offers very good driving visibility with slender pillars and amply sized mirrors. We recommend rear proximity sensors, however.
Seat Access & Space It's a low-slung sports car with highly bolstered seats. Depending on your stature, 911 entry/exit is either snug or near impossible without some manner of a falling in or hoisting out. Adults should never attempt rear-seat entry.
Cargo & Storage With only a narrow but deep compartment up front and limited in-car storage behind the seats, the 911 is cargo challenged at best. Glovebox, center console and door pockets exist, but are modest in size.
Build Quality There are few cars on the planet with build qualities as good as the Porsche 911. High-quality, blemish-free interiors that never rattle and immaculate paint and drum-tight tolerances on the outside. Who could ask for more?

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