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Great Value & Utility

Rob, 02/23/2017
4dr Hatchback (1.8L 4cyl 5M)
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My Vibe is a former rental car that I bought with 30K miles on the odometer. I've put 110K more miles on it, with replacement struts and a new battery the only non-routine maintenance in seven years of ownership. The Vibe is very reliable, gets good fuel economy (31 MPG highway with the 1.8L engine), and handles like a compact but has the passenger/cargo space of a station wagon. I have found two issues with it--the flip side of the 1.8L engine's fuel economy is that it has sluggish acceleration. There's also a common problem with the radio volume knob breaking...which I fixed by sawing it off and slipping a new one on. That said, I love this car. It has a combination of versatility, value, reliability, and handling that's hard to beat. I'm planning to drive it until it breaks--which could take a while.

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Great, Fun Car!

nbaatb, 05/18/2012
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I bought my 2010 Vibe in 2011 and have been driving it now for a little over a year and I love it! I'm surprised as to how much get up it has- zippy is a good word. I love everything about it. I can fit my three large dogs in the back, and the seats are high so they don't like to jump over. There is leg room in the back to actually fit people in. More room then our RAV 4 by far! I get around 25mpg city and 30 hwy. The only thing I don't like is the blind spots. The car has limited visibility and that is the only problem I've had. I also love the plastic in the "trunk" easy to vacuum up dirt/dog hair. I can lay the seats down throw my bike and dogs in too. LOVE IT!

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Noisy, Poor outward visibility

Mike Joseph, 03/29/2010
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I have driven this car only for two weeks and my first impression was how small this car is and fits so much inside. It took me a while until I got used to windows and mirrors, its hard to see everything from these little windows so I was always worried about the blind spots. Also the way the hood was designed there is no way that you can see the end of the car or at least if you are close to hit something. The way the car handles is really good, it lacks power but what can you expect from a 1.8 liter engine. The main issue that I had with this car was the road noise, its so weird that you can never get comfortable when you drive on a highway from the noise level.

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RECALL, but wait!

wade, 02/02/2010
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purchased with the help of GM points and cash for clunkers program. So, what's a good GM vehicle? Ouch, me too. Guess what, the Toyota built (80%) with a pontiac skin, is GM's best car! Check out the rating guides,it's Gm's best period! Ok, looked at it, and wow! Sporty look, interior room is suv like. I'm serious. AWD,great for wisconsin's winters. It's funny, I've read other reviews and zippy was mentioned often. My wife and I nicknamed the car "zippy" when describing the ride and feeling we get when driving. But, now we have a re-call on this vehicle! 100% fact. My service man has said we will recieve a re-call letter from Pontiac. We are @ the bottom of the food chain. Minor I hope!

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Great car

Dan P., 11/17/2009
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Bought the last new Vibe GT in the northeast. Traveled almost 200 miles. Worth every mile. Great acceleration with the manual trans. Comfortable seats. Roomy enough to store all my junk and then some. Better looking than the Toyota Matrix. Even my 9 year old son likes the looks of this car. I stole this car for $15k after all the discounts. Finally I have a car that I enjoy driving.

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Great Purchase

jeronomo, 01/24/2010
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This is actually the 1.8 L auto which is not listed as an option on Edmunds. This is a great under the radar car. It is compact enough to get good gas mileage and fit in small spaces but still feels spacious inside, with a lot of possible cargo room. I like the exterior styling better than the matrix (it's twin) or the fit. No problems so far!

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Glad I bought it

budman, 05/26/2010
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Really like the car. Rides nice, handles better than expected. Got 35.5 MPG on 600 mile trip. Have 11000 miles on it and no complaints. Used Clunker money, GM rebate and GM card rebate. Paid 9900.00 for a new car. Thought that only happened to other people.. Plus GM 5 year/100,000 mile power train protection.

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Reliable car

manitoba1, 06/23/2012
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We have put on 80,000 km with no issues to report. We like the gas mileage and cargo space. Very good on ice and gravel. Noisier and less room than our sequoia, but a lot more practical for 2 or 3 people.

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Great Value

Karen K, 09/12/2009
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With carpools days now behind me, I was looking to replace my minivan with something that still offered significant cargo space but got better MPG than the non-hybrid SUVs on the market. Chose the 1.8L Vibe and am very happy with it's versatility, handling and economy. At age 52, I got my first speeding ticket while "grooving" to the XM radio tunes when driving it on it's first turnpike ride. I like to think of this ticket as a testament to my enjoyment of the smoothness of the ride and audio system on my new vehicle. With it's excellent safety features, reliable Toyota engine, MPG and interior space, I think the Vibe is an exceptional value.

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Excellent, fun car so far

Chelsea Michigan, 11/26/2009
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Bought a '10 Vibe as part of CARS program -- it was very hard to find one in stock, they sold like hotcakes. We wanted a base Vibe, stripped down without add-on features (not even a/c), but couldn't find one. We wound up with a 1.8L and manual transmission, but with a/c. But that's OK. It's a very good car -- we really enjoy it! Our only complaints are the pretty tepid highway acceleration (which can be scary when merging onto highway in front of trucks), and the bizarre location of roof antenna, noted in many other reviews, which makes it hard to do much with roof rack.

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