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A fun jack of all trades

maikell77, 01/15/2013
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I have owned my speed3 for almost 2 years now. In that time I have put 54,000 miles on it. I can say that it's a fun car, It has a good amount of cargo space, and it roadtrips well. The fuel economy isn't bad, but the read out is a bit optimistic. I use the car for family roadtrips (500mi one way my wife and I), work (multiple 500 mi days per week), and even the ocasional track day. Currently at 77k and really nothing unexpected as far as maintence goes. Spirited public roads driving the speed3 is as much fun as the GTO and 540i M-sport I have owned previously. It does have understeer at the limit, and that does sap a bit of track day fun.

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Don't Hesitate, it has everything you want.

primetime8032, 09/10/2012
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To start off, I've only owned this car for 4 days now. I was a very proud rx8 owner and loved every bit of it, except for the gas mileage. This car, has everything that you want. Perfect handling, the right amount of power, it's very practical and to be honest, economical. I know people will be like "economical? it only gets 18mpg!" Yeah, when you're flooring it everywhere. When I drove home from the dealership I was about 50 miles away from home. I drove it like a grandma and averaged 34mpg. So if you really want to economical, this car can definitely do it. I can't talk on the reliability as I just got the car, but I still rated it a 5 because I love everything about this car.

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It Just Grows on Ya!

Will L., 07/26/2010
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I have owned only Taurus SHO's for the past 17 years - all manuals. My last one just turned 190k as I went researching for a honorable replacement. It surely wouldn't be the new SHO as it was released w/o a stick and way too much $$$. As I went to different review and "best of" sites the MS3 was always ending up in the top two spots. Anyway ended up test driving the WRX (not as refined inside + more $) and the GTI (more $ and slower than the MS3). Since I have owned it (the MS3) I have to admit it just gets better every time I drive it - even with that goofy smile in the front. I did have to get used to a turbocharged car as far as shift points and turbo lag but all are quite manageable.

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Love me Love me not

garv214, 03/29/2011
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I have had my Mazdaspeed 3 for 3 months and 3700 miles now and have noticed things I love and things that need improvement. The car handles very well, but may be a bit harsh for some. The interior is very nicely laid out (love the blue accent lighting). The exterior styling can take a bit getting used to. I bought mine in Black, so the "happy face" is not noticeable at all. I drive very conservatively so I have been averaging around 23-24 mpg with a 60-40 mix of city and highway driving. Overall a nice car and a great value, but Mazda needs to work on the clutch on these cars. My clutch is taking away from the fun of driving it, which is a big reason why people buy these cars.

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Must Read for Speed3 Owners!

Herkdriver, 10/10/2009
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I noticed a black soot material on my tailpipes (which I've since learned is normal for turbocharged cars) but I heard that previous models had issues w/turbo smoking (smoke coming from tailpipe at idle/all engine speeds) & I thought this might be the onset. Videos are online if u Google. Mazda allegedly fixed this in 2010 but there's a "mystery" Tech Service Bulletin (TSB)for service depts to switch owners to 5W-40 synthetic vs. std 5W-30 (what the filler cap & manual says). TSB doesn't apply to 2010 models. My dealer couldn't even find the TSB in their system! Question service depts b/c Mazda N. America doesn't endorse synthetic oil or 5W- 40! Could void warranty b/c manual says 5w-30 oil.

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