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Shoppers in the market for a $100,000-plus performance coupe understandably have high expectations. Fortunately for them, every car in this rarefied segment offers ample power, responsive handling, upscale surroundings and a unique character. But there are always those who seek a bit more -- more exclusivity, more presence, more panache. For these particularly discerning buyers, the Maserati GranTurismo is, quite literally, a tailor-made solution.

Resurrecting both the spirit and the nameplate of the original GranTurismo A6 road car of the late 1940s, Maserati's all-new 2+2 grand touring coupe replaces the discontinued Coupe and Spyder. Constructed on a shortened Quattroporte chassis, the GranTurismo is longer and heavier than both its predecessors and many of its rivals. As such, it's not as quick as less expensive competitors from BMW and Jaguar, despite featuring a sonorous 405-horsepower V8. Nor does it possess the cutting-edge electronic wizardry of its high-tech rivals.

But logical considerations about numbers and features aren't what the Maserati GranTurismo is all about. In the best Italian tradition, the emphasis here is on striking beauty, hand-crafted elegance and soulful sounds and sensations. For some, superior speed and technology isn't as appealing as that distinctive Italian character, which the GranTurismo has in spades. Buyers of this persuasion will gladly sacrifice cutting-edge power and technology in return for the GranTurismo's uniquely engaging personality.

Used Maserati GranTurismo Models

The Maserati GranTurismo was introduced for 2008 in base form only. The GranTurismo S dawned the following year.

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