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Used 1999 Lexus RX 300 Consumer Reviews

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5 out of 5 stars

Best Vehicle I have ever owned. I have owned lots.

Jay Alan, 06/25/2018
40 of 40 people found this review helpful

I have a 1999 and it is going strong with 228,000 miles and the only maintenance so far has been brakes, tires, oil filter, air filter, AC Recharge, and bulbs replacement. Considering it is the first year make and model I would rate that reliability tremendous. I think was is the most impressive feature of the RX 300 AWD is how great it performs in the snow, It has been in 2 to 3 feet in Wyoming and in the Sierra Mountains in California and Nevada. Never been stuck and have never had to chain up. The only complaint I have is the durability of the leather on the front seats. The leather wore out after about 10 years and now have to use seat covers.

5 out of 5 stars
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4.5 out of 5 stars

Good older SUV

krw5, 11/04/2012
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I bought this with 167k on it as a "winter beater" three years ago, never thinking that with that many miles it would be as great a vehicle as it is. The only thing that's ever gone wrong is that the ignition coils needed to be replaced. Still gets 20-25mpg, passes California smog with flying colors, looks pretty good for a 14 year old Lexus. It did have the advantage of being a one owner vehicle serviced exclusively by a Lexus dealer (it even has a Lexus brand battery). I change fluids religiously and expect it to go another 100k.

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5 out of 5 stars

Lexus saved our lives!!

lexusluver, 05/14/2012
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Owned a 1999 Lexus Rx 300 for five years. Three weeks ago my husband and I was hit from behind by a full sized pick up while sitting at a stop light,then pushed into another SUV in front of us. The police report said that the driver of the pick up never even noticed us and never slowed down and hit us doing 45mph. Although we received back/neck injuries, we feel that because we were driving our Lexus, it saved our lives. A police officer and a fireman both called our Lexus a "little tank" and told me that we were lucky to be driving it. we were told it could have more serious. We are definitely purchasing another Lexus as soon as we settle with insurance co. Miss our Lexy!

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4.75 out of 5 stars

Affordable Luxury

Cmazanec, 05/03/2006
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I bought this car in late Fall from a private party. After much debate about what kind of SUV to buy I can now say I made a great choice! I was comparing it to the 4Runner and other comparable SUVs. I was a litte hesitant about buying a Lexus because of the cost factor and I thought that it may be too much to maintain. Since I bought it all I have done is a front brake job which I knew it needed when I bought it. Of course at first I brought it to a Lexus dealer but after seeing their review and estimates I brought it to my local shop and they did the same work for a lot less. I saved about $150 on the brake job with them. I have been extremely satisfied with it so far!

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4.63 out of 5 stars

Fairly easy to work on

HomeMechanic, 04/08/2009
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Purchased from a private owner with 135k, now 155k. RX3s can have some small known issues that can be fixed by a competent DIYer. Exhaust leak (have a friend with a welder?), O2 sensors (buy a $5 socket), clean the MAF (simple), spark plugs (a chore but not impossible), suspension noise (disassembling a strut is more than most ppl want to do on their own). Suggest changing the driveline fluids for insurance against trans issues. Consistent 19mpg which I think is fair- if you get less, have it checked out, or turn off 'power' mode! All in all, I think its a vehicle you can become familiar with & keep around for a long time. It's versatile, but not too big or obnoxious. My trusty daily driver.

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