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  • Capable off-road performance requires little effort from the driver
  • Plenty of luxury features and cabin amenities


  • Relatively ponderous handling around turns
  • Inconvenient side-swinging rear cargo door
  • Uncomfortable standard second-row bench seats
  • Poor acceleration and fuel economy from the V8 engine

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Consumer Rating

2017 GX 460
Just purchase 2017 GX 460 brand new from a dealer. car had 2 miles before i test drove it. Previously i was driving 2006 GX470. Let me tell you GX470 i really a luxury SUV and drives the way Lexus should drive. After driving for a week GX460 i started to notice a light vibration in steering wheel which was kind of odd to me since car has only 200 miles. I took it to dealership, they tested it out and stated you wheels are slightly off balance. (ok can happen not a big deal). I picked it up and drove for another day. Same issue plus car is pulling to the right. Called dealer and made appointment again. After evaluation dealer said you alignment is slightly off and performed alignment (very strange to me for a brand new car). After driving another day same issue just car pull to the left. Dealer had my car for 3 days, and when i picked it up dealer states everything is tested and drives better than any new Lexus on a lot. Today i will be returning it again because problem is still there plus navigation can't get calibrated. At least 2 times a week navi is off by good 15 miles. This lexus does not have power to it at all when driving on a street (my 2010 Accord 4cyl if faster than this GX ) plus when you driving it it feels like you riding a horse. THIS IS NOT A CAR THAT LEXUS USED TO MAKE. Save your money and get MB. I can't wait to get out of this car. Now it has only 600 Miles and i got nothing but problems. Lexus stated it drives like it should. VERY BUMPY ride, NOISY and not worth spending 65K. PLEASE DON'T BUY THIS LEXUS UNLESS YOU LOOKING FOR HEADACHE.
Lack of power a real problem
If you are looking for a car to drive in the mountains this is not the car for you. Poor power and the 6 speed trans is constantly downshifting trying to find a low enough gear to get up steep grades. Sloped floor in the storage area puts everything you carry against the rear door so it falls out when you open the door. Had an '05 GX470 that I loved, this is nowhere near the same car. Lexus customer service would do nothing about my problems with this vehicle so I will be trading it ASAP.
Vehicle Leaning to ONE side, Lexus refuses to fix
I purchased a NEW 2017 Lexus GX 460 and the vehicle is leaning to the right (passenger side) .Also feels much softer to that side when turning.Took the vehicle to the dealer 3 times already and they refuse to repair it. The even tried to convince me that it was designed to lean this way !!! Feels unsafe to drive it. This is a known problem on the GX 460 (sold as Landcuiser Prado it the whole world except in US) . Google " Leaning Lexus GX 460 and you will not believe how many owners are effected and Lexus refuses to repair. They know there is a problem but will not admit it. Always the answer is " It is within specs " . Looks and feels ridiculously for a 60K SUV. This vehicle shares the same KDSS as the 4Runner, Landcruiser 200 , Landcruiser Prado and it is a known problem for all. The worst part is how Lexus IS handling the problem !!! All owners of GX 460, please check your vehicle and if it leans to the right take to a Lexus dealer. Absolute disappointment!!!

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